2011-12 Runway Exhibition, “Life Ever After”

Teen StylinTeen Stylin’: Live Ever After, held on Dec 7, 2011, featured wearable works of art from 39 designers. Students represented 25 Richmond City and surrounding county schools. The grand prize winners, Caroline Smith, Lauren Maimone, Ray Moore, Dylan Reissner, Bethany Allen, and Ella Beth Southall, received a trip to New York City!

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2011 Participants

In order of performance.
Design Title
Designer, School, and Model

Kristina Dickey, St. Catherine’s School
*Modeled by Annabel O’ttagan

Lifeline: Part Two
Alex McEachin, St. Catherine’s School
*Modeled by Claire Pullen

Archaic Fusion
Emily Hastings, Hanover High School

The Expulsion Tree, The Curse
Erykah Hatch, John Rolfe Middle School
*Modeled by Dajah Oliver

Kelli Moore, Appomattox Regional Governor’s School
*Modeled by Gracie Golden

Heist Society
Dylan Reissner, Henrico High School
*Modeled by Chloe Thompson

Angelic Destruction
Caroline Taylor, Holman Middle School

Bethany Allen, Hanover High School
*Modeled by Mary Kate Dustin

Scott Csoke, Atlee High School
*Modeled by Karla Dattilo

Sovari Comodia
Stella Maria Giavos, Appomattox Regional Governor’s School
*Modeled by Elizabeth McCullan

Camille Goode, Lee-Davis High School
*Modeled by Arpay Bethea

Forever Frozen
Stephanie Piscitelli, Midlothian High School
*Modeled by Vanessa Leonard

Aphrodite’s Muse
Giulia Mota, Henrico High School, Center for the Arts
*Modeled by Joelle Wade

Eyes Wide Shut
Sami Walker, Trinity Episcopal School
*Modeled by Angelique Scott

Pharaoh’s Wrath
Clayton Hall, Thomas Dale High School
*Modeled by Liz Kump

Behind the Skin
Jyl Kline, Goochland High School
*Modeled by Lauren Ricks

Treasured Tomb
Annika Tobe, Lucille Brown Middle School
*Modeled by Halle Miller

The Masked Princess
Dichelle Jordan, Salem Church Middle School
*Modeled by Alexandria Moseley

Into the Wild
Kelsey Kneeland, Atlee High School
*Modeled by Lauren Winfrey

Katy Lawler, Trinity Episcopal School

Lucky in Ebony
Lauren Maimone, Atlee High School
*Modeled by Hannah Sullivan

I am Woman
Caroline Smith, Matoaca High School
*Modeled by Savannah Cherry

Magnolia and Apple Blossom Dress
Yazmine Dearing, Fairfield Middle School
*Modeled by Journey Entsminger

Tiffany Died (Then came back to life as a flower)
Arielle Eisen, Moody Middle School
*Modeled by Alexandra Troisi

Ray Moore, Freeman High School
*Modeled by Jenny Kacani

Intertwining Life and Death
Hiba Seager, Caroline High School

Back to the Garden
Michael Winchester, St. Christopher’s School
*Modeled by Erin Winchester

Fearfully Gold
Haley Cowan, St. Gertrude’s School
*Modeled by Tess Davis

Passive Aggressive
Emmanuel Evans, Henrico High School, Center for the Arts

Creature X
Catherine Redding, Patrick Henry High School

Never-Ending Nothings
Jillian Allen, Henrico High School
*Modeled by Finé Thompson

A Second Chance
Alice Babashak, Midlothian High School
*Modeled by Erin Babashak

Frozen in Space
Alyssa Buffenstein, Henrico High School
*Modeled by Ellyn Zeidman

Life after Beautiful Death
Kyra Gilchrist, Binford Middle School
*Modeled Alethia Tyler

Sublime Preservation
Harry Trinh, Henrico High School
*Modeled by Paulina Eap

Cold Creation
Sean Turner, Hermitage High School
*Modeled by Madeleine Crozier

Krishna’s Lotus
Sara Chicas, Manchester High School
*Modeled by Katie Rivera

Rose Rea, Moody Middle School
*Modeled by Madison-Parker Draper

Wheel of Temptation
Ella Beth Southall, St. Catherine’s School
*Modeled by Liza Mickens

*Designers are wearing their own creations unless otherwise noted.