Painting + Drawing Classes

Drawing and Painting Classes at VMFA Studio SchoolDrawing + Painting is a very popular area of study and has the most offerings – over thirty each semester. Beginning students are encouraged to start with a Basic Drawing class then graduate to more advanced classes such as Drawing in Color: Pastel, Watercolor Studio, Introduction to Painting or many other courses or workshops.

Instructors Sally Bowring, Sara Clark, Joan Elliott, Dawn Flores, Dawn Latane, Matt Lively, Marjorie Perrin, and Kendra Wadsworth teach most of the weekly classes.


Class Schedule

[29] Cloud Painting Workshop

Sat & Sun, Apr 18 & 19, 10 am - 4 pm (2 sessions) | Studio School, 2nd floor
Matt Lively

Start by exploring a variety of cloud paintings by other artists. Then, with guidance from the instructor and working from photographs, learn to create accurate, detailed, or expressive painting in oil or acrylic paint. Prerequisites: basic drawing and painting skills.

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$145 (VMFA members $120)

[30] Mixed Media Book Arts

Sat & Sun, Apr 18 & 19, 10 am – 4 pm (2 session)| Studio School, 2nd floor

This workshop will explore several approaches to creating artists’ books including Copric sewn binding. Participants will be free to experiment with the concept of bookmaking, to incorporate their personal artistic styles and journaling possibilities into the book format. They will also be encouraged to think of the book as a possible sculptural form and to use a variety of usual and unusual materials. A great workshop for teachers to experiment with ideas to take back to the classroom. A materials fee of $10, payable to the instructor, is due at the beginning of the workshop.

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$145 (VMFA members $130)

[31] May Plein Air Watercolor Painting Intensive

Mon, Apr 27–May 18, 9:30 am–12:30 pm (4 sessions)| Studio School, 2nd floor 
Dawn Flores

This crash course in observation-based landscape painting with watercolors shows students how to “see” the world through a painter’s eyes. Technical demonstrations stress line, shape, value, and color. Students learn to simplify the landscape by identifying color masses from which to develop realistic watercolor paintings. A portable easel is recommended. Prerequisite: basic drawing & watercolor skills.

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$140 (VMFA members $120)

[32] May Color & Abstraction in Drawing & Painting Intensive

Fri, May 1–22, 10 am--1 pm (4 sessions) | Studio School, 2nd floor
Sally Bowring

Expand technical and critical skills and learn to develop new ideas and imagery. In the studio, students work from a variety of subjects, focusing on color and abstraction. The instructor will provide suggestions and individual critiques. Prerequisite: basic drawing & painting.

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$140 (VMFA members $120)

[33] Color with Sargent

Wed, Apr 29 -- May 20, 10 am – 1 pm (4 sessions) | Studio School, 2nd floor
Dawn Flores

Artist John Singer Sargent was a master of color. His blacks were textured, his whites were complex, and his side-by-side use of warm and cool colors gave his paintings vibrancy. In this intensive class, students will study Sargent’s artwork through slide presentations and by visiting the VMFA’s McGlothlin Collection. Working in either watercolor or acrylic paint, students will complete color exercises, copy Sargent’s work and create their own compelling pieces inspired by Sargent’s use of color. Prerequisites: basic drawing and watercolor or acrylic painting skills.

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$140 (VMFA members $120)