Teen Summer Guidelines


Whether you enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, film, or fashion, these five-day studio classes teach you new skills, enhance your talents, help you develop personal vision, and strengthen your portfolio for college. Professional artists and instructors use a wide range of concepts and media to expand your knowledge of art, art history, culture, and perspective while building new relationships with peers and mentors within the arts community. Classes offer individual instruction to accommodate all levels of experience.


13–17 (View Kids Summer Camps)
Jul 8–Aug 30
M–F, 9 am–noon or 1–4 pm
$140 per class (VMFA members $120)
Online, phone 804.340.1405, or visit the VMFA Visitor Services desk during public hours



The Emergency Information Form must be completed by a parent or guardian and submitted in-person on the first day of class. If the participant is registered for multiple classes, we recommend making copies. Extra forms are also available onsite and online (in the sidebar to the right), however, a signature from a parent or guardian is required for teens to attend this program.

Medical Notice: VMFA Education Staff are not authorized to administer medications on a regular basis. If a student is to self-carry a medication for use in the event of an emergency, it must be noted on the Emergency Information Form, and written instructions on the administration of medicine must be provided by the parent or legal guardian on the Emergency Medication Permission Form. It is strongly advised that should your child need emergency medication, VMFA staff is notified at least two weeks ahead of the program. Phone 804.340.1438 or email youthstudio@vmfa.museum. If your child has an allergy of any kind, it is important to inform VMFA staff on the first day of class. If your child has a serious life-threatening allergy, we welcome you to remain on campus while your child is participating in the program.

In the event of an emergency, VMFA Staff will respond to the situation promptly and accordingly; a staff person will immediately attempt to reach the parent or guardian.


Please be aware that teens are required to submit a signed copy of the Code of Conduct agreement at the beginning of class. If the agreement is broken, the instructor will talk with the student. VMFA Staff may also contact his or her parent/guardian to discuss behavioral issues, if necessary. Under extenuating or repeated circumstances, the student may be removed from class.

Note: Students cannot use smartphones during class, unless permitted by the instructor for educational purposes only. Smartphones and other mobile devices must be off or on silent.

LUNCH (IF APPLICABLE) Teens enrolled in a morning and an afternoon class will need to bring a bagged lunch from home or money to purchase food from BEST Café. Unlike children enrolled in summer camps, teens do not have a scheduled daily break during class, nor are they permitted to eat or drink in the studios or computer lab. A break area, however, is reserved in the Pauley Center lobby for snacks and lunches before and/or after class. If a teen requires adult supervision between classes, please register for Connect-a-Camp by phone 804.340.1405, or online at www.vmfa.museum ($25 registration fee, or $20 for VMFA members).

Food & Allergy Notice: For the health and safety of others, students cannot share food. We also ask that teens and parents be mindful of others who may have potentially life-threatening allergies. To reduce the risk of accidental exposure, please avoid bringing foods with traces of peanuts, tree nuts, or other common allergen products.


VMFA provides all art supplies and tools needed for each class, however, students are sometimes encouraged to bring additional supplies when noted under class descriptions (check online for updates). Personal sketchbooks are welcome for drawing and note taking. For digital art classes, we recommend bringing a flash drive for storing images and files. Donations of clean fabrics, gently used t-shirts, vintage attire, salvaged jewelry pieces, and unique found objects are also accepted. Please wash clothing and clean objects prior to donating.


PARKING Allow ample time to park and check in before the start of class, especially on the first day. The VMFA Deck parking is free with a 30-minute parking permit for students being dropped off. Please note that parking is strictly prohibited in the Entry Plaza, or fire lane. Extra parking permits will be available at check in. For city street parking, we recommend parking alongside Sheppard St.

CLASS LOCATION Meet in the Pauley Center building, across the Sculpture Garden from the museum. (Note that kids’ camps meet in the Art Education Center.) We strongly suggest that teens familiarize themselves with the area prior to the first day of class.


ART ATTIRE Wear clothes that are appropriate for an art studio. Comfortable, closed-toed shoes are recommended. We also encourage dressing in layers or bringing a long-sleeved shirt—while it may be hot outside, it can be very chilly inside! Please refer to the Code of Conduct agreement for more information.


CHECK IN Teens must submit an Emergency Information Form and Code of Conduct (both signed by a parent or guardian) before entering the studio; otherwise, he or she cannot participate in the program. Students (13 yrs+) are also responsible for signing the

Attendance Sheet daily; parents are welcome to check in with their children, if desired. Note that while programs are in session, teens will be supervised and are not permitted to leave the VMFA campus.

CHECK OUT Teens are responsible for signing out daily (no parent/guardian necessary for check out, unless a parent requests otherwise). If a student does not sign out, a VMFA staff person will contact the teen’s parent/guardian to ensure his or her safety.

Early Dismissal: If a student should need to leave class early, he or she must submit a note from a parent or guardian at check in, before the start of class. Please include the dismissal time, the parent/guardian’s name, and a telephone number for verification.

TIMELY PICK UP If a student relies on someone else for transportation, we ask that the pick up person arrive no later than the end of class (either noon or 4pm). Late pick-ups may result in dismissal from the program. If a student is not picked up within 10 minutes, VMFA staff may attempt to reach a parent or guardian. If no one is reached within 30 minutes, the student may be escorted to the security desk and staff will determine the next course of action.


Be sure to mark your calendar and save your confirmation email upon registering for class. VMFA does not send reminders for upcoming programs. Refunds for missed programs are not available.

For youth and teen summer classes only: VMFA charges $30 to transfer (but only if another class is available), and deducts $50 of the registration cost per cancellation. Transfers and cancellations must be made at least two weeks prior to the start of class; otherwise, full payment is required. No exceptions apply.


A select number of scholarships are available for summer classes. Phone 804.340.1331 or email youthstudio@vmfa.museum to request a Scholarship Application Form.


Students may be asked to complete a survey at the end of class. We value your opinion and would greatly appreciate your taking the time to help us improve our program and exceed your expectations.


EMAIL youthstudio@vmfa.museum
PHONE 804.340.1331 or 804.340.1438