Summer Camps for Ages 10–12

Registration Information

Registration for summer 2021 programs begins April 12 for current VMFA members and April 19 for non-members.

Kids work with clay in a studio class.

Five-day camps
Jun 28 – Aug 20, 2021
Mon – Fri, 9 am – noon or 1 – 4 pm
Meet in the MWV Art Education Center
$150 per camp (VMFA members $130)

Experience adventures in art, culture, and creativity in VMFA’s studios and galleries! Art camps are carefully tailored to your child’s specific age group and taught by professional artists and educators. Each camp provides access to quality supplies and a world-renowned art collection, inspiring young artists to create, learn, grow, imagine, and have fun!

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Note: Upon registration, VMFA will send a confirmation to the email address you use in your registration. Please review the information carefully as it provides further details about the program and the student emergency form, which should be submitted on the first day of camp. It is important that caregivers understand all rules, policies, and procedures including drop-off and pick-up procedures, food regulations, studio conduct, and VMFA’s cancellation policy.

Connect-a-Camp: For students enrolled in both morning and afternoon youth camps, this program provides supervised activities such as drawing in the galleries and playing games as well as supervision during lunch. Students are required to bring bagged lunches from home.

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Class Schedule

[C5] Creative Drawing

Mon–Fri, Jun 28–Jul 2, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Lauren Bleam

Ages 10–12 | Advance your skill and technique in drawing while training your brain to be a creative thinker. Arrange compositions, illustrate perspective, and apply tonal value using a variety of media, both in the studio and through out the museum.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[C7] Drawing & Design

Mon–Fri, July 5–9, 9 am–noon | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Mayzie Zechini

Ages 10–12 | Centered on the principles of design, take pleasure in learning new drawing techniques and experimenting with a variety of drawing tools and applications that will enhance your artistic talents.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[C10] Fun with Photography

Mon–Fri, Jul 5–9, 14 pm | Art Education Center, Studio 1 & Lab
Stephanie O'Dell

Ages 10–12 | Learn the fundamentals of digital photography–from camera settings to photo editing. Develop a photography portfolio through a variety of hands-on activities like stop-motion and much more. Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring their own flash drive and DSLR camera.

$150 per camp (VMFA members $130)

[C15] Sculpture & Design

Mon–Fri, Jul 12–16, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Dan Kazcka

Ages 10–12 | Fascinated by sculpture, building, or simply using your imagination? Learn the fundamental principles of sculpting while using different materials such as clay and plaster. Be amazed by your own 3D creations!   

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[C17] Graphic Design (Unplugged)

Mon–Fri, Jul 19–23, 9 amnoon | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Stephanie O'Dell

Ages 10–12 | Explore the world of graphic arts through direct, hands-on design processes along with a blend of art materials to cultivate design thinking. Working together, create multimedia solutions to design challenges. 

$150 per camp (VMFA members $130)

[C20] Intro to Digital Art

Mon–Fri, Jul 19–23, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center, Studio 1 & Lab
Stephanie O'Dell

Ages 10–12 | Create your own digital illustrations, photo mash-ups, animated GIFs, and imaginary worlds in this introduction to using technology for art making. Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring their own flash drives.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[C22] Creating Outside the Box

Mon–Fri, Jul 26–30, 9 am–noon | Art Education Center, Studio 1
J. Parker

Ages 10–12 | Go beyond your artistic limits and experiment with nontraditional applications of drawing, painting, and mixed-media. Create "alter books" that focus on the creative process, abstractions, and self-expression. This camp is extra messy; students should wear old clothes and shoes!

$150 per camp (VMFA members $130)

[C25] Manga Drawing

Mon–Fri, Jul 26–30, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Anh Do

Ages 10–12 | Discover the history and visual language of manga in this introductory camp. Through art talks, tutorials, and drawing exercises, learn the specific techniques that define this popular Japanese comic art. 

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[C27] Botanical Arts for Beginners

Mon–Fri, Aug 2–6, 9 am–noon | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Celeste Johnston

Ages 10–12 | Unite art and science! With professional tools and techniques, learn the significance and aesthetics of botanical illustration. Observe and illustrate botanical specimens from different plant families while appreciating colors found in nature.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[C30] Studio Explorers

Mon–Fri, Aug 2–6, 1–4 pm| Art Education Center, Studio 1
Lindsay Steele

Ages 10–12 | Discover secrets in the studio that will boost your abilities! Draw, paint, felt, print, and sculpt as you learn how different materials influence artists, as well as your own interpretations and artistic choices.

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[C32] Painting with Style

Mon–Fri, Aug 9–13, 9 am–noon | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Tiffany Glass Ferreira

Ages 10–12 | Appreciate artistic styles from Impressionism to Expressionism! Use a range of quality paints, mediums, and techniques to create realistic still lifes, picturesque landscapes, and abstract images. 

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[C35] Art & Expression

Mon–Fri, Aug 9-13, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Lindsay Steele

Ages 10–12 | With a focus on mixed-media and fiber arts, let your voice be heard by creating expressive works of art that tell a story or make a statement. Enjoy experimenting with a broad range of materials and found objects through your artist process. 

$150 (VMFA members $130)

[C40] Sew Creative

Mon–Fri, Aug 16–20, 1–4 pm | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Sarah Brown

Ages 10–12 | Learn how to use a sewing machine to create one-of-a-kind sewn projects, from pillows with popular prints to terrific tote bags–the possibilities are endless!

$150 (VMFA members $130)