Artsy Infants

Live Zoom classes are not being offered for this young age group. We are planning to offer in-person programs for infants in November.

While we wait for in-person classes to resume, we have compiled some tips and suggestions for activities to do at home with your baby. We hope you find them helpful!

adult with child

Babies love COLORS!

As infants’ vision develops, they are increasingly attracted to bright, bold colors and works of art with contrast. Color helps us spark memories and influences our emotions.

HERE are a few colorful works of art at VMFA.

Explore colors with your fingers!

Babies can still paint even if they aren’t taking a class in VMFA’s Art Education Center Studios!

Follow the recipe below to make a baby-safe paint and let your infant enjoy a fun sensory experience.

Paint recipe:

1 tbs sugar
¼ tsp salt
1 heaping tbs corn starch
1 cup water
Food coloring

In a small saucepan, combine the dry ingredients and mix together.
Add the cup of water and stir.
On medium heat, warm and stir as mixture thickens.
Pour into small containers and add various colors of food coloring.

Babies love FACES!

Babies recognize faces long before they recognize other objects. Playing with your baby and imitating their facial expressions benefits their cognitive and social-emotional development.

Enjoy this Peek a Boo song by Jbrary with your baby! Read about object permanence and peek-a-boo here!

HERE are a few of our favorite portraits at VMFA.

Babies love MUSIC!

Lap bounces stimulate your baby’s heightened vestibular sense and prepares them for walking, running, dancing, and keeping a beat later on in life. Here is a great article, from Kindermusik (a favorite music program of ours), about why music is important for infants.

This link will take you to a playlist of lap bounces from Jbrary.

HERE are a few of our favorite musical objects from VMFA’s collection.