Curiosity Camp Guidelines


Immersed in the rich environment of VMFA, children will explore, connect, and grow, as individuals and as part of a community of learners. Along with art, emphasis is placed on play, music and movement activities, and the museum grounds–all guided by the interests of the group.

Ages       3–5 (for youth summer classes visit
Dates      Multiple-day camps run Jun 3‐28 | Aug 27‐29 | Dec 17‐19
Times     9:30 am–noon
Tuition   5 day camps: $140 per camp (VMFA members $130) | 3 day camps: $80 per camp (VMFA members $70)
Register  Online at, phone 804.340.1405, or visit the VMFA Visitor Services desk during public hours 


EMERGENCY FORM The Emergency Form must be completed by a parent or guardian and submitted in-person on the first day of every camp. 

Medical Notice: VMFA Education Staff are not authorized to administer medications on a regular basis. If a student is to self-carry a medication for use in the event of an emergency, it must be noted on the Emergency Information Form, and written instructions on the administration of medicine must be provided by the parent or legal guardian on the Emergency Medication Permission Form. It is strongly advised that should your child need emergency medication, VMFA staff is notified at least two weeks ahead of the program. Phone 804.340.1343 or email If your child has an allergy of any kind, it is important to inform VMFA staff on the first day of camp. If your child has a serious life-threatening allergy, we welcome you to remain on campus while your child is participating in the program.

In the event of an emergency, VMFA Staff will respond to the situation promptly and accordingly; a staff person will immediately attempt to reach the parent or guardian.

PHOTO ID All authorized adults planning to pick up children from camp are required to show a valid ID during checkout each day.

SNACK Campers should bring a small, healthy snack to eat and a water bottle for snack time.

Food & Allergy Notice: For the health and safety of others, students cannot share food. Please avoid bringing foods with traces of peanuts and tree nuts. We also ask that caregivers be mindful of other children who may have potentially life-threatening allergies. Snacks and lunches will be stored in a designated area.

CHANGE OF CLOTHES On the first day of class, campers should bring an extra set of clothes complete with a shirt, pants, underclothes, and socks.


PARKING Allow ample time to park, walk to the building, and check in before the start of camp, especially on the first day. The VMFA Deck parking is free with a 30-minute parking pass for camp participants. Please note that parking is strictly prohibited in the Entry Plaza, or fire lane. Extra parking permits will be available during check in on the first day of camp.

CAMP LOCATION Camps take place in the MWV Art Education Center studios inside the museum. We strongly recommend that caregivers familiarize themselves and their children with the area prior to the first day of camp.

UPON ARRIVAL use the Student Entrance (left of the main entrance) to access the Art Education Center, as the rest of the building is closed to the public. (VMFA hours of operation are Mon–Sun, 10 am–5 pm, with extended hours Thu–Fri until 9 pm.)


ART ATTIRE Wear clothes that are appropriate for an art studio (not something that could be ruined during class). Comfortable, closed-toed shoes are recommended. We also encourage dressing in layers or bringing a long-sleeved shirt—while it may be hot outside, it’s often cool inside!


CHECK-IN Don’t forget the Emergency Form on the first day of camp! Additionally, a parent or authorized adult is required to check in to the Art Education Center daily by filling out the Attendance Sheet with the student’s name, the contact for that day, and the name of the adult scheduled to pick up your child.

CHECK-OUT When campers are ready for dismissal, a staff person will ask you to present a photo identification and initial the Attendance Sheet to verify pick-up.

TIMELY PICKUP Pick-up time begins promptly at the end of camp (noon). Late pick-ups may result in dismissal from the program. If your child is not picked up within 10 minutes, VMFA staff will attempt to reach you, the pick-up person for that day, and other contacts. If you are running late, leave a message at 804.340.1343.

CANCELLATION POLICY Curiosity Camps are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another camp. Be sure to mark your calendar and save your confirmation email upon registering for camp(s). Refunds for missed programs are not available. 


Please review the following information with your children before the start of camp.


  1. Be kind – to teachers, classmates, and materials
  2. Be careful and safe – in the studios, galleries and museum grounds
  3. Have fun!


We use positive reinforcement and logical consequences for challenging moments. We engage children in a dialogue about behavior, allowing them to have a constructive role in solving and fixing problems. VMFA staff will inform parents when behavioral issues arise.


Students and/or parents will be asked to complete a survey at the end of camp. We value your opinion and would greatly appreciate your taking the time to help us improve our program and exceed your expectations.


PHONE 804.340.1343