A Gallery Preview

Most Creative Expressions sessions utilize VMFA’s Modern and Contemporary Art Collection. Before your visit to VMFA, introduce your students to these galleries. Let them explore the space and imagine what they may find there!

Mid-Late 20th Century Galleries Preview

Meet the Educator

VMFA Distance Learning sessions are designed to be student-centered explorations.  Use this video to introduce students to the Distance Learning Educator and the kind of interaction they will have during a session.


Video: What to Expect

Take a Closer Look

Artists throughout time have come to their work with stories to tell, concepts to explore, and puzzles to work out. By taking time to look at a work of art with a curious and investigative eye, students can activate creative thinking to imagine and expand on the story it presents.

This interactive exercise guides students as they examine a work by Roslyn Drexler, creatively document the ideas it presents to them, and consider how their thoughts connect with the artist’s own ideas and intentions.

Use this interactive exercise to set the stage for a Distance Learning session or for continued engagement after a visit.

Interactive Exercise

Formulation - Articulation I (Portfolio Title) by Josef Albers

Experiential learning can be an informal but valuable way for teachers to gauge student understanding of a topic under study. This tool may be used to document student ideas expressed during your museum visit or Evans Distance Learning session.

Visit Observation Tool for Teachers