2018–19: Adornment

Stylin’: Adornment

Teen Stylin’ is a twelve-week program, held Feb – May 2019 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and includes workshops in which students learn from professional fashion designers and industry specialists to create innovative garments inspired by VMFA’s collection.

The 2019 Teen Stylin’: Adornment program marries creative fashion design with the principles of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the studio arts. This year’s theme, Adornment draws from an investigation of essential forms, color, materials, construction, engineering and technological components and the processes of manipulating these components to examine adornment.

Students between grades 6-12 are selected through an application process designed to serve as a practical experience in applying for higher education or competitive programs. Using the museum’s collection as inspiration, students create wearable works of art to be featured in a concluding exhibition and a highly-anticipated runway show.

Accepted Teen Stylin’ students may sign up for a series of free Saturday “Stylin’ in the Studios” courses. Students will work with artists and fashion designers to build on works and class instruction.


Teen Stylin’ is supported by:

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