2010–11 Runway Exhibition, “Transformation”

Teen Stylin NYCTeen Stylin’: Transformation, held on Jan 6, 2011, featured wearable works of art from 40 designers. Students represented more than 27 Richmond City and surrounding county schools.

Above: Winners (left-to-right) Rachel Alexandra McEachin, Harry Trinh, Caroline Wimberly Smith, Joshua Palma, Keyla Rose Franco, Mary K. Gauntt.

Winners received a two-night trip to New York City and a congratulatory dinner courtesy of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

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2010 − 11 Participants

In order of performance.
Design Title
Designer, School, and Model

Triple Latex 
Alyssa Buffenstein, Henrico High School
*Modeled by Ellyn Zeidman

Ocean Cleanup 
Arielle Eisen, Moody Middle School
*Modeled by Alexandra Troisi

Spiritual Reality
Asha Jackson, Midlothian High School

Before and After
Bailey Smith, Home School

Collective Cohesion 
Claire Sullivan, Appomattox Regional Governor’s School
*Modeled by Hannah Mills

Delirium’s Daughter  
Clayton Hall, Thomas Dale High School
*Modeled by C’esa Johnson

My Plastic Self 
Emily Hastings, Hanover High School

The Last Stand  
Kimberley Jane Gardner,Northstar Academy

Flightless Bird  
Raven McCarter, Hanover High School
*Modeled by Carson McNamara

Light Bulb Moment    
Ray Moore, Douglas Freeman High School
*Modeled by Morgan Klassett

Chaos in Black, Serenity in Color
Sean Turner, Hermitage High School
*Modeled by Jasmine Chiu

Silver Cascade     
Tori Sherman, Godwin High School
*Modeled by Emily Epstein

Woodpecker Dancer
Jill Kline, Goochland High School

Lin Cara Du, West Point High School
*Modeled by Kate Beattie

Alex McEachin, St. Catherine’s School
*Modeled by Claire Pullen

Potency of a Muse  
Alexandra Ballard, St. Catherine’s School
*Modeled by Melissa Mangum

Blue Stripes  
Alyssa McGee, Wilder Middle School
*Modeled by Sydney Lewis

New World, New Me  

Brenda Ndegwa, Patrick Henry High School
*Modeled by Maya Brim

Harry Trinh, Henrico High School
*Modeled by Sophia Arrighi

Mrs. Peanut   
Isabel Layton, James River High School
*Modeled by Karly Datillo

Cityscape Hopper  
Leah Carmichael, West Point High School
*Modeled by Tatyana Brodie

Maxwell Runko, Patrick Henry High School
*Modeled by Emily Glisson

Te la dai  
Mayana Williams, Thomas Jefferson High School
*Modeled by Keiera Lewis

Walk at Dusk 
Sarah Dillahunty, James River High School

Streaming Rainbow 
Dichelle Jordan, Salem Church Middle School
*Modeled by Alexandria Moseley

Lauren Harris, St. Catherine’s School
*Modeled by Aili Espigh

Late Night Charades 
Alexzandra Wainright, Tuckahoe Middle School

Feathered Flair  
Amanda Campbell, Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School

Marbleized Light   
Katie Gauntt, Henrico High School
*Modeled by Sarah Cupka

Morgan McCarty, Godwin High School
*Modeled by Ara McCarty

Different Views 
Robin Owens, Moody Middle School
*Modeled by Maddi Mitchell

Tiffany Exposed   
Samantha Webster, Saint Gertrude High School

19C Art to 21C Wearable Art  
Charlotte Reece, Midlothian Middle School
*Modeled by Leigh Schreher

The Little Dancer Transformed
Zoe Davis, Clover Hill High School
*Modeled by Bekah Belcher

Hot and Dangerous
Dylan Reissner, Henrico High School
*Modeled by Emmaline Chapel

Coffee Lotus 
Joshua Palma, Henrico High School
*Modeled by Sasha Skulinets

Blue Imprint 
Kathryn Mayes, Hanover High School
*Modeled by Ashley Boyd

Indian Garden Dress
Kayla Franco, Atlee High School
*Modeled by Katie Bland

Solace in Continuity 
Mariarosa Marinelli, Hermitage High School
*Modeled by Laura Giuffrida

Neziah Goodman, Thomas Jefferson High School

Defeater of Death  
Caroline Smith, Matoaca High School
*Modeled by Savannah Cherry

*Designers are wearing their own creations unless otherwise noted.