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Registration for fall classes will be available Aug 17 for members and Aug 24 for non-members. Please browse the catalog for fall 2020 classes and programs.

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Expand your creativity and artistic awareness, build your own portfolio for college, or simply spend time with peers and professional artists through these studio classes related to VMFA’s world-renowned collection. Enrollment is limited in order to provide individual instruction and accommodations for teenagers of all skill levels. Register online or by phone 804.340.1405.

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Teen Studio Programs

Wednesdays (3-session classes)
5 – 7 pm
Pauley Center
Enrollment limit varies per class
$70 (VMFA Members $60)

Focus on your favorite style, medium, or technique in one or all of these innovative classes. Designed for teens in middle or high school, these classs help students grow creatively, explore self-expression, and develop works for a college portfolio.

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[TE3] Digital: Photography - In Person

Wed, Nov 4, 11, 18, 5–7 pm (3 Sessions) | Pauley Center, Computer Lab
Tyger Belton

Ages 13–17 | Develop the ability to photograph and edit effective images with any camera, from digital SRLs to iPhones. DSLR cameras are available for use but students are welcome to bring their own cameras, iPhones or smartphones, and flash drives.

$70 (VMFA members $60)

[TE4] Studio Arts: Portfolio Building - In Person

Wed, Dec 2, 9, 16, 5–7 pm (3 Sessions) | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Lindsay Steele

Ages 13–17 | Applying to art school or simply want to create a portfolio? Join us to gain insight into the undergraduate admission requirements for your school of choice, benefit from professional critique, and take advantage of studio time, tools, and instruction to build your art portfolio. Students are welcome (but not required) to bring artwork from home to document in their portfolios.

$70 (VMFA members $60)

Important Dates
Select Fridays
5 – 7 pm
Art Education Center, Studio 1
$12 (VMFA members $10)
Enrollment Limit: 16

Explore the galleries and boost drawing skills associated with different art movements, styles, and cultures. Designed for teens in middle or high school, monthly sessions include demos, art talks, and independent instruction to accommodate both beginning and accomplished artists.

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[TD3] Drawing: Depth & Perspective - In Person

Fri, Nov 20, 5–7 pm | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Rachel Deutch

Ages 13–17 | After exploring the galleries for inspiration, learn techniques for depicting space, volume, and depth on a flat surface to help give the illusion of three dimensions.

$12 (VMFA members $10)

[TD4] Drawing: Learn From the Masters - In Person

Fri, Dec 18, 5–7 pm | Art Education Center, Studio 1
Rachel Deutch

Ages 13–17 | Participate in guided sketching in the VMFA galleries. Practice different drawing techniques by emulating featured artists' signature styles, and learn to incorporate them into work of your own.

$12 (VMFA members $10)

1–4 pm (1–2 sessions)
Art Education Center or Pauley Center
Fees differ per workshop

Each of these innovative workshops focuses on a unique art movement, culture, and medium associated with the VMFA collection. Teenagers benefit from learning new techniques and using a variety of professional tools and materials.

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[TS3] Digital: Graphic Art & Design - In Person

Sat, Nov 14, 11 am–4:30 pm | Pauley Center, Computer Lab
Stephanie O'Dell

Ages 13–17 | Welcome to the digital world of graphic art and design! Learn about related careers and build your beginner Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills to create original designs. Students should bring a bagged lunch or hearty snack for the break. No peanut products.

$40 (VMFA members $30)