VMFA COVID-19 Relief Fund Honor Roll

Ms. Sharyn Abernatha
Dr. John J. Accordino and Dr. Anne-Marie McCartan
Mr. Robert A. Acosta-Lewis and Ms. Denise Abbott
Ms. Anne R. Adams
Mr. Cary Adams and ms. Catherine Harold
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Adams
Ms. Bonnie Agnell
Mr. and Mrs. Arif S. Alam
Mr. and Mrs. Kent H. Albright
Mr. Jay All
Mrs. Anna Belle Ambrosen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. S. Wyndham Anderson
Ms. Fay Andrews
Ms. Randa Annous and Dr. Ahmad Kuwaifi
Mrs. Phoebe F. Antrim
Mr. Peter Archey
Ms. Connie Armstead
Ms. Linda H. Armstrong
Jean and Breck Arrington
Mrs. Karen Arrington
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse A. Atkins
Mrs. Deb Atno-Shelton and Mr. Ron Shelton
Mrs. Jean Austin
Robert Austin and Lynda Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Austin
Mrs. Susan S. Austin
Ms. Jillian Avey and Mr. Teague Avey
Ms. Beth W. Ayers and Mr. Owen Ayers
Ms. Mary Jo Ayers and Mr. Carlos Ayers
Rev. and Mrs. Nicholas Bacalis
Ms. Molly Bacigal
Ms. Marian Badgett
Ms. Brenda P. Bailey
Ms. Glenna C.Bailey
Ms. Deanna Baker
Mrs. Linda T. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. John Ball
Dr. James Ballou
Ms. Rebecca Barclay and Mr. Thomas Pinelli
Ms. Anne Barge and Ms. Marlisa Barge
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Barker
Mrs. Sandra T. Barkley
Mr. Lawrence Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Barnes, Jr.
Ms. Carolyn Barone and Mr. Frank Barone
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Barranger
Mr. Cecil Barrett
Ms. Nancy Barrett
Ms. Patricia Barth and Mr. Edwin Scorza
Ms. Pamela Bartlett and Mr. Gerry Bishop
Mr. Tilford Bartman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bartolf
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Barton
Mr. Bernard Baruffalo
Mr. Jeffrey Bassett and Mrs. Kate Hershey
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bateman
Ms. Jennifer Bates
Anne Battle and Leonard S. Slater
Page Bauder
Ms. Trudy Bavolack and Ms. Maggie Bavolack
Ms. Joan S. Beal
Ms. Jennifer Bean
Ms. Barbara Beasley
Mrs. Mary Ann Beatty
Mr. and Mrs. John Beck
Ms. Sarah Beck-Berman
Mrs. Meredith Beckett
David and Mary Alice Beeghly
Mr. Martin Beekman and Mrs. Dorothy Tarleton
Mr. Mark Bender and Ms. Suzanne Mazzeo
Mr. and Mrs. S. Bryan Benedict
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bennett
Ms. Kate Benson
Ms. Amy Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berman
Ms. Ann Berry
Lilli and William Beyer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Binns
Dr. and Mrs. Eliot W. Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Guy T. Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Terence G. Blackwood
Ms. Kathy Blanchard and Mr. Jeff Blanchard
Jack Blanton
Ms. Annie Blazer
Mr. Ben Blumenthal and Dr. Penny Blumenthal
Mrs. Martha Blumenthal
Dr. Katherine Bobbitt
Mrs. Mary Boegershausen
Stephen D. Bonadies
Mrs. Carol F. Boone
Mr. and Mrs. James Bortle
Dr. Joseph F. Borzelleca and Dr. Ellen Brock
Cathy and Howard Bos
Mr. Lloyd W. Bostian
Mr. Joseph E. Bothwell
Ms. Nancy A. Bourne
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Boutwell
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bovee
Dr. Henry A. Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. James Bowles
Mr. and Mrs. McGuire Boyd
Ms. Penelope Boyd and Mr. Gary Robertson
Ms. Susan Boyd
Mr. Earl Bracker and Mrs. Paula Christmas-Bracker
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Bradbrook
Ms. Jane Braden
Ms. Lynn Bradford
Mr. Patrick Bradley
Mrs. Shana Bradley
Mr. J. Richard Bragg and Ms. Valeria R. Murphey
Mr. John Brainard and Mrs. Jessica Bahlman
Read and Jody Branch
Helen Brand
Ms. Carolyn R. Brandt
Mr. J. Robert Bray and Mr. R. Morgan Bray
Mrs. Edith G. Brenner
Mr. David Brighton
Ms. Sharon Brinkley
Mr. and Mrs. Ron C. Britt
Al and Margaret Broaddus
Joan P. Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brody
Ms. Sonia P. Brokaw
Mrs. Helen M. Brooke
Mrs. Sue Brossart
Ms. Jill B. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Otis L. Brown
Mr. Steven A. Brown
Ms. Renee Brown-Becton
Mr. Jeffrey E. Brownstein and Ms. Barbara A. Ebert
Mrs. Anna Bryant
Katherine Buccella
Ms. Ellen Buchanan
Ms. Mary Buck
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Buckner, Jr.
Mr. Benjamin R. Bundens, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Burchianti
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burgess
Dr. James Burke and Dr. Amie Donah
Ms. Patricia Burkett
Mrs. Barbara P. Burner
Ms. Kay Burnett
Ms. Karen Burns and Ms. Rachel Rice
Mr. David Burroughs
Mr. Henry D. Burt II and Ms. Mitzi van der Veer
Ms. Beverly Burton
Mr. J. Rodney Busch
Mrs. Eloise R. Byrd
Mrs. L. Lawson Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Byrd
Ms. Barbara Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Campbell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cannon Jr, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Caputi
Ms. Ann Mace Carlton
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Caramanica
Ms. Jane H. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Brennan J. Carmody
Ms. Grace Carpenter
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
Ms. Wendy Carroll
Mr. Trace Carson
Mr. and Mrs Grover Carter
Mr. David Cartier and Ms. Nancy Cartier
Ms. Christi Carver
C. Lewis Casey
The Honorable Joseph P. Casey
Dr. Thomas Casey and Ms. Frances Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Catherines
Mr. and Mrs. Thoms Caviness
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Centini
Mr. Bryan J. Chambers and Ms. Christa D. Cosner
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chapman
Dr. Miles L. Chappell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chappell
Ms. Leona A. Chase
Mr. Lloyd C. Chaser
Barbara P. Chavatel
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Chenault, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cherkis
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Chesley
Mr. and Mrs. John Christian
Ms. Myrtle Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Chu
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Churchman
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Chutkow
Ms. Kathleen Clark
Margaret A. Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Clary
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Clay
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Clayman
Ms. Bethany Clayton
Ms. Nancy Claywell
Ms. Kyle Clements
Myra Clements
Ms. Brenda Cloyd
The Reverend Doctor Vienna Cobb Anderson
Ms. Mary Ellen Colangelo
Ms. Beverly Cole and Ms. Laurie Cole
Mr. Matthew Cole and Mr. Charles Dupree
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Coleburn
Ms. Brenda Coleman and Ms. Sara Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. John Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Coles
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Collins
Ms. and Mr. Sharon Colston
Mrs. Linda Concannon
Ms. Anne M. Condon
Ms. Linda F. Conley
Mrs. Douglas W. Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Conner III
Mr. Randy Conner
Mr. and Mrs. James Conrad
Ms. Janet Cook and Mr. Franklin Bost
Mr. Mark Cooper
Mr. Walter R. Cooper
Dr. Elizabeth Cooper-Martin and Mr. Mark Gorman
Ms. Patricia Corbett
Ms. Janet D. Corneal
Mr. Richard Correia and Mrs. Janet Gore
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Corwin
Suzanne Coughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Coughter
The Council of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Mrs. Jane W. Councill
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Couvillion
Mrs. Eleanor Cox
Mr. John Creegan
Mr. and Mrs. David Critics
Drs. Ronald A. and Betty Neal Crutcher
Ms. Tina Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Currotto
Ms. Rebecca W. Currin
Mrs. Cynthia Curtis
John and Julia Curtis
John d’Entremont and Kathleen Placidi
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Daggett
Dr. and Mrs. John Daimler
Dr. Norman Dallura and Dr. Erika Kancler
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Daly
Mrs. Ann B. Dancy
Ms. Barbara L. Dantzig
Ms. Joan Darden
Mr. and Mrs. W. Stuart Darling
Mrs. Jane Davenport and Mr. Michael Sieja
Philip and Kay Davidson
The Honorable John J. Davies III and Ms. Margret Moon
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Davis
Ms. Carolyn A. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John Davis
Mr. Mike Davis
Mr. Robert Davis and Ms. Kimberly Hitchens
Mr. and Mrs. William Davis
Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph Davis
Ms. Teresa L. Dawson
Ms. Nicole De Jesus
Mrs. Concetta De Marco and Mr. Franco Basti
Dr. David Dearinger and Mr. Darrell Ung
Ms. Rosemerrie Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Defur
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel DeGroot
Dr. Gene Deisinger
Ms. Anne D. Del Giudice
Mr. Joseph Dellinger and Mrs. Lyn Dellinger
Ms. Erika M. Delph
Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew Deluca
Ms. Janet Demiray
Lois and Larry Denison
Ms. Cynthia De’Riemer
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel A. Desaulniers
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V. DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Deutsch
Ms. Katherine Dewitt
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dewitz
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice W. Dickerson
Ms. Campbell Dickerson and Mr. James Dickerson
Mrs. Denise P. Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Dicks
Ms. Janet Diehl
Ms. Pauletta J. Dillard
Mr. and Mrs. George Dillon
Robert and Barbara F. Dittmeier
Ms. Mae Dixon
Molly H. Dodge
Dr. James Doering and Dr. Lauren Bell
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Carol Donohue
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Dormire, Jr.
Mrs. Donna T. Douglas
Dr. Judith Douglas
Birch Douglass
Ms. Rita Dowling
Ms. Elizabeth T. Downs
Cary T. Doyle
Mr. David Drake and Ms. Deborah Daimaru
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Drake
Mrs. Olivia S. Dragoo
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Drumheller
Mrs. Rita Dunbar
Mr. James Dunn
Robert and Joan Duntley
Ms. Barbara Dupuy
Mr. and Mrs. David Durica
Dr. Donald L. Duvall
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eaton
Mr. David Ebersole and Ms. Lucia Bianca
Ms. Michele Ebright and Mr. Francis Stevens
Mrs. Donna Eddy
Mr. and Mrs. R. Augustus Edwards III
Ms. Carol E. Edwards
Ms. Dorothy Edwards and Mr. Lucious Edwards
Ms. Martha Edwards and Mr. Michael McClary
Ms. Virginia Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Eklund
William A. Eldred and Judith D. Eldred
Mr. Howard J. Ellis
Mr. Howard W. Ellis and Ms. Eugenia Anderson-Ellis
Ms. Suzanne M. Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Emory
Mr. and Mrs. Rich F. Endert
Mr. and Mrs. William England
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Erksa
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Estes, M.D.
Ms. Kathleen Etter
Mrs. Ann B. H. Eubank
Ms. Christine L. Faia
Mr. Steven Farber and Ms. Ann Jewell
Ms. Madeleine Faugot and Mr. Paul Amrhein
Ms. Nancy Faulkner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Fay
Ms. Susan Feeley
Ms. Mary Feeney
Mrs. Sallie Van Pelt Feild
Deborah Orr and George Feldman
Mrs. Jane Fellows
Ms. Cynthia Fentriss
Ms. Melissa W. Ferrell
Frank Finn and Janine Orr
Dr. Dorothy E. Finnegan
Dr. and Mrs. George L. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Flatin
Ms. Maureen Flattery
Mr. David Font and Ms. Maria Mera
Ms. Linda Forbes
Ms. Lisa D. Forcke
Dr. Mary Ford and Mr. Timothy Ford
Dr. Renate Forssmann-Falck
Mr. Jack Foster
Mr. and Mrs. George Foussekis
Mrs. Katherine Fowler
Mrs. Florence Bryan Fowlkes
Ms. Harriet A. Franklin and Ms. Elizabeth Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fraser
Mrs. Doris W. Frazier
The Freddie Mac Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Frediani
Ms. Michelle Lonergan Frey and Dr. R. Terrell Frey
Ms. Anna Friedrichs
rs. Sharon D. Fuller
Mrs. Nancy W. Gage and Ms. Robin Lilly
Ms. Deborah Gaglio
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Galeski III
Mr. Dennis P. Gallagher and Mrs. Audrey M. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. David Gammino
Ms. Patsy Allred Garber
Ms. Sandra Garber and Ms. Amy Garber
Ms. Carol Garbo
Ms. Anita H. Garland
Ms. Precious Garland
Mrs. Cynthia Garman-Squier and Mr. Dan E. Squier
Thomas F. Garner and William V. Garner Families
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Gatesman
Mr. and Mrs. David Gattermeir
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Gay
Todd W. and Lynne C. Gehr
Geico Philanthropic Foundation
Ms. Beverly T. Geissler
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Gemmell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gendrolis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Generelly
Dr. James M. George
Mr. William B. George, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Randolph Gibbs
Ms. Mary E. Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Gillon
Ms. Nancy L. Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Godard
Mrs. Elizabeth Godwin-Jones and Mrs. Emma Godwin-Jones
Ms. Yvette Gohlke
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Goldberg
Ms. Marcia Golden
Mr. Alvin Goldfine
Ms. Carolyn S. Golladay
Dr. Carolyn K. Gomez-Foronda and Mr. Patricio Gomez-Foronda
Ms. Jackie Gonsalves
Ms. Jane Goodridge
Ms. Beth Gordon
Mrs. Sharan Gore
Dr. and Mrs. Marijan Gospodnetic
Mr. Bruce Gould and Mrs. Kathleen McClory
Mr. Charles Gowan and Ms. Kirsten Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Grandy
Ms. Elizabeth Granger
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Graves
Mr. William Green and Dr. Catherine Green
Susan Blair Green
Mr. and Mrs. C. Mark Greer
Mrs. Betty Barbour Gregory
Ms. Vivian Griese
Dr. and Mrs. Floyd L. Griffith, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grover
Mr. Robert P. Grymes, Jr.
Mr. Jamison Gugino
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Guy
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hackett
Mrs. Alyce Hackney
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Hagen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Haggett
Ms. Nancy Hall
Ms. Catherine Hallman
Ms. Cheryl M. Hallman
Ms. Nancy M. Hallman
Mr. Kenton Hambrick
Mr. and Mrs. A. William Hamill
Ms. Betsy Hamilton
Mr. Charles T. Hamlin
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hammond, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hammond
Ms. Elizabeth Haney and Mr. Brian D. Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hansell
Dr. Jeffrey Hantman and Dr. Adria LaViolette
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Harbison
Mr. and Mrs. Patric M. Hardy
Mr. Trotter Hardy and Mrs. Caroline Garrett-Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hargett
Mrs. Lynne Hargis
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Harkins
Mr. C. William Harman and Ms. Joan Handler
Mrs. Lucy Harman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harman
Mrs. Rose Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Reno S. Harp III
Mrs. Pearl B. Harrell
Terrell and Elliott Harrigan
Mrs. Charity Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Harris
Dr. Monroe E. Harris and Dr. Jill B. Harris
Mrs. Sarah S. Harrison
Ms. Cynthia Harvey
Ed and Ada Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Harvey
Ms. Buie Harwood
Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Haskins
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hassig
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hastey
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Haverly
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hawes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haug
Ms. Elizabeth Hawk and Mr. Ken Hawk
Mr. Timothy Heilman
Stephanie K. Heller and Clifford C. Neilson
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Helms
Ms. Kathryn Henderson
Ms. Sarah Hendricks
Mr. Edmund Hening and Ms. Mary Coleman
Mrs. Barbara Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Jim E. Hensley
Ms. Bettie S. Herbert
Ms. Agnes Ann Herman
Mrs. Amy Hershey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Heslep
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Hess
Reverend and Mrs. Robert G. Hetherington
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hettler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hewit
Peter and Allison Heyman
Ms. Jane Higgins and Mr. William Easton
Mrs. Anita S. Hilbert
Mr. Samuel R. Hilbert
C.T. and Moira H. Hill
Robert and Nancy Hill
Ms. Takako Hill
Albert P. Hinckley, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara B. Hinrichs
Ms. Elizabeth Hixon and Ms. Sophia Perry
Ms. Beverly A. Hobson
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hodges
Mrs. Wylyn l. Hodnett
Mrs. Ellen Hofheimer
Ms. Melinda H. Hofrichter and Mr. Robert W. Hofrichter
Mr. and Mrs. David Hogg
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hoggard, Jr.
Dr. Jacquelyn P. Hogge
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hogue
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hojnowski
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Hollyfield III
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Holman
Rachel M. Holmes
Ms. Mary J. Hooper and Mr. Gerald E. Miller
Ms. Pattie L. Hope
Mrs. Essie D. Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Horton
Helen P. Horwitz
Mr. Sanford Hostetter
Dr. Liane Houghtalin
Mr. Kevin F. Houghton and Ms. Maggie Catchick
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Howard
Dr. and Mrs. Hall R. Howard
Ms. Myra Howard
Ms. June Hoye
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ben Hoyle
Mr. Dale Hruby
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hu
Mr. and Mrs. C. Knox Hubard
Ms. Holly Hubbell and Ms. Heidi Hubbell
Peter and Margaret Huber
Peter and Margaret Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huffstetler
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hughes
Mr. and Ms. Michael D. Hughs
Mrs. Cynthia Hummer
William Huneke and Teresa Wilson
Mr. Billy P. Hunt, III and Mrs. Jocelyn Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Husson
Mrs. Suzette Hutchens
Mr. and Mrs. Christian L. Hyman
Ms. Mary Hyman
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Irby
Ms. Julie Irvin
Ms. Joanne C. Ivy
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Iwata
Anke and Russell Jackson
Eucharia Jackson and Richard Jackson, M.D.
Ms. Jackie P. Jackson and Mr. Joseph F. Yates
Dr. Pamela James and Mr. David James
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Janek
Ms. Pam Janny and Ms. Rebecca Buchanan
Ms. Aranzazu Jarque Llamazares and Mr. Huberto Ennis
Dr. and Mrs. Lynwood B. Jenkins
Mrs. Wilbur L. Jenkins, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Jennings
Mrs. Sandra S. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Johns II
Mrs. Jan M. Johnson
Mr. Miles F. Johnson
Ms. Claudette V. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. David Jones
Ms. Elaine Jones
Ms. Jeanette A. Jones
Mrs. Marguerite S. Jones
Dr. Michael Jones and Ms. Debbie Dust
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Jones
Professor Sally Jones and Mr. Zane Jones
Ms. Susan Jones
Mrs. Susan Jones
Ms. Janet L. Jorgensen
Ms. Kathleen Joy and Mr. Richard Stock
Mr. and Mrs. Crawley F. Joyner III
Ms. Joan Elaine Justice and Ms. Elizabeth Hinton
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kaplowitz
Ms. Elizabeth Karalius
Mr. Ken Karhuse
Mrs. Judy Katzen
Dr. Claire C. Kaugars
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Kavanagh
Ms. Suzanne Kavanaugh
Ms. Evelyn J. Kealey
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kean
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Kee
Ms. Elizabeth Keenan
Ms. Carroll Keiger
Ms. Briggett Keith
Mr. Hartmut E. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Terry N. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kelley
Mrs. Mary Jo Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Kennedy
Mrs. Anne Whitfield Kenny
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kenny
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Kent III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kern
Ms. Kaye W. Keyes
Mr. and Mrs. John Kilian
Beverley G. King
Ms. Kathy King
Mrs. Louise O. King
Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Timothy Kirkbride
T. Kitts
Ms. Page Michaux Kjellstrom
The Klaus Family
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Klein
Mr. John T. Kneebone and Ms. Elizabeth Roderick
Mrs. Mary Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Peter I. C. Knowles II
Lyn and Don Kocen
Ms. Denise Koch
Mr. Andrew Koebler
Bev and Sid Koerin
Ms. Penny Koerner
Mr, John Christian Kolbe
Mrs. Glenda M. Kotchish
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Kovarsky
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kowlaski
Ms. Leila Kramer
Dr. and Mrs. Steve and Ann Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krell
Susan B. Kremer
Ms. Anne Krieger
Ms. Deborah Kroehler
Mr. Keith Kulesza
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kunkel
Mr. and Mrs. Shara Kuppalli
Dr. Paula Kupstas and Ms. Abby Kupstas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kvam
Dr. Constance Kwan
Mr. Jeffrey Lacker and Ms. Lisa Halberstadt
Ms. Carole Lamb
Mr. Charles Lamb
Patricia Lamb
Mrs. Marie Lamy
Mrs. Patricia Lancaster
Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Landis
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Lang
Dr. and Mrs. David Lanning
Mr. Joseph Lattuada
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lauterio
Mrs. Joan Lavine
Mr. and Mrs. Dana K. Law, Jr.
Ms. Cynthia Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. T. Jackson Lawson

Thomas T. and Anna L. Lawson
The Honorable and Mrs. Aubrey L. Layne, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Leake
Mr. Donald R. Lee and Ms. Toni J. Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee
Ms. Elizabeth Leonard
Reverend Doctor Sandra M. Levy
Ms. Joan Lewis
Ms. Joyce P. Libron
Mr. Werner S. Lichtenstein and Ms. Carolyn Simonoff
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Limoges
Ms. Peppy Linden
Mrs. Karen Lindley
Mr. Charles E. Lindsay
Mrs. Margaret B. Lindsay
Ms. JoAnn Lindstrom-Gibbens and Mrs. Charles A. Gibbens
Mr. and Mrs. William Linka
Ms. Bobbie M. Lively
Mrs. Frances P. Lively and Ms. Laura F. Lively
Adele Livingston
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Lloyd
Ms. Megan Lo and Mr. Andrew Cook
Mr. Donald G. Loach
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Loce
Ms. Sharon Long
Mr. Albert O. Louer
Mr. Paul V. Louie
Ms. Jeanne Loveland
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Lowery
Mrs. Khadijah Luqman and Mr. Luis Giron-Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Lyle
Mrs. Michelle Lyne
Ms. Letty G. Lynn
Mrs. Jane S. Lyon
Mrs. Elizabeth Lytle-Rupp
Ms. Marian R. Macbeth and Ms. Renee Macbeth
Ms. Kelley A. Macdougall and Mr. Michael A. Pausic
Mrs. Frances H. Madison
Mr. Nidal Mahayni and Mrs. Melissa Jarrard-Mahayni
Ms. Theresa Mahon
Mr. Thomas Mahoney and Ms. Leslie Eland-Mahoney
Mrs. Paula G. Makielski
Ms. Ann B. Malcolm
Dr. Sharon McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. William McNown
Ms. Kathy Mollory-Chavers and Mr. Kevin A. Watson
Mrs. Marilyn M. Mallue
Mr. John Mann and Ms. Pam Schutz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mann, Jr.
Mr. Gregory Marcangelo and Mr. Shep Baker
Ms. Pauline Marcq and Mr. Federico Gontaruk
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Marecki
Ms. Elaine R. Mariontell
Mr. and Mrs Edward Marousek
Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Marple
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Marr
Ms. Westwood B. Byrd and Mr. Joseph R. Marshall
Ms. Julia Marshel and Ms. Claudia Marshel
Mr. B. Kyle Martin and Ms. Leah Martin
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ralph Martin
Ms. Emma Lou Martin
Gale and Russ Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Lee P. Martin
Rich and Margaret Martin
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Martin
Ms. Janet E. Martino
Mr. Aaron Masey
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Mason
Ms. Clara Massey and Mr. Charles Hamm
Ms. Carla Mathews
Professor Carol C. Mattusch
Ms. Jo Anne Maurer and Mr. Jonathan P. Jelling
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Maxwell
James and Linda T. May
Mr. Gregory Mayer
Ms. Phyllis T. McCafferty
Mr. and Mrs. Peter McChesney
Ms. Lois R. McClure
Wycliffe G. and William G. McClure
Ms. Sandra K. McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McDiarmid
Mrs. Karen McDonald and Mr. Jason Erbe
Ms. Martha McFadden
Ms. Karen McGill
Mrs. Rita E. McGowan
Alexandria Rogers McGrath
Dr. and Mrs. David J. McGroarty
Mr. and Mrs. Paul McGuire
Ms. Mary McIvor
Ms. Almeda McKenney
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael McKenney
Mr. and Mrs. Trey McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. William A. McKinney
Ms. Marjorie McLemore
Ms. Dale McMahon
Ms. Nancy McMahon
Mrs. Wendy McMahon
Mrs. Nancy W. McNeer
Mr. Christopher McQuale
Colquitt Meacham and David Brockway
Ms. Carolyn A. Meador
Mr. and Mrs. C. Q. Meadows
Mrs. Norma Mears
Ms. Joanne Meeley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Melnick
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mercier
Ms. Elizabeth Merrill
Ms. Jennifer R. Merritt
Ms. Elizabeth Michel and Mr. David T. Michel
Ms. Lauren Midgley and Mr. Tony Maher
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Meyers
Ms. Jennifer Kett Mildonian
Ms. Abbey Miller and Mr. Derek Miller
Ms. Debra C. Miller
Dr. Jaclyn Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller
Mr. Thomas Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Millin
Wallace B. and Tina B. Millner
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mitchem
Mrs. and Mr. Dale Moes
Bobby Mohan
Ms. Anne Molier
Mr. and Mrs. John Moncrief
Ms. Diana Monroe
Mr. Matt Monta and Mrs. Kristina Soric
Mr. Robert L. Montague III
Mr. Charles L. Moore
The Honorable Hullihen W. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Moore
Mrs. Karen Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Morgan
Ms. Wendy Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morse
Mr. Donald K. Mossberger
Mr. and Mrs. David Mueller
Mr. Raymond Muench
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Mullen
Ms. Amanda Mullins
Ms. Kathy Mullins and Ms. Elizabeth Flowers
Mr. Jonathan M. Murdoch-Kitt and Dr. Norma H. Murdoch-Kitt
Ms. Virginia Murphy
Mr. Brian J. Mutchler
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Myers
Ms. Jessica Nadkarni
Mr. George Nan
Ms. Andrea Nash
National Endowment for the Humanities
Ms. Maureen A. Neal and Mr. Parham Neal-Pishko
Henrietta J. Near
Ms. Eileen S. Neill
Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Kinloch Nelson
Ms. Jane W. Nelson
Mr. James Nemer
Ms. Leland Ness
Ms. Barbara K. Newlin
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Newman
Dr. and Mrs. Heber H. Newsome, Jr.
Caroline and Tyler Nichols
Ms. Gail Nicula
Ms. Debbie Noble
Jason G. Noble
Mrs. Nelson C. Noland
Mr. and Mrs. William Noller
Ms. Mariette E. Norbom
Mrs. Judith Nordin
Ms. Mary Norment
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Nugent
Ms. Cheri Nutty
Dr. Cheryl A. Nystrom
Mr. Tyler O’Connell
Dr. Mary Katherine O’Connor
William and Pamela O’Connor
Ms. Emily O’Flaherty
Mrs. Mercer W. O’Hara
Mrs. Elizabeth H. O’Hare
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Neill
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory O’Shanick
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Oakey, Jr.
Mr. Gabriel Ofiesh and Ms. Mary Maher
Terry and Linda Oggel
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Olshansky
Ms. Priscilla Ord
Leonard Orlowski
Mrs. Thomas S. Osdene
Mrs. Vilma B. Osmalov
Mr. and Mes. James C. Ostheimer
John and Barbara Outland
Ms. Angela Overbey
Ms. Karen Owen and Mr. Howard Owen
Mrs. Sherryll A. Pace
Ms. Maureen Palaszynski
Karen and John Palen
Mr. and Mrs. Larry I. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. George Papalios
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Parham
Ms. Carol R. Parke
Judy Parker-Falzoi
Mr. Donald F. Parks
Mr. John H. Parrish
Mr. Edward F. Parsons and Ms. Susan L. Iverson
Ms. Rita Pasi
Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Pask
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Pasternak
Ms. Vivian Pastore
Ms. Kathleen E. Patenaude
Ms. Janet A. Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Tim J. Payne
The Peachtree House Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peacock
Mr. and Mrs Lawrence H. Pearson, Jr.
Mark and JoAnn Perkins
Catherine O. Perrin
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Perry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Perschetz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perszyk
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Peters
Ms. Lillian Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Peterson
Dr. Robert E. Petres and Ms. Margaret L. Duvall
Ms. Angela Petro
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Pettit, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pettway
Ms. Constance Petty
Ms. Kate Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Phillips
Mr. Michael Phillips and Mrs. Emilie Phillips
Mr. Hubert G. Phipps
Kelly Pickerel
Anne and Jeff Piland
Ms. Jennifer Pilgreen
Mr. and Mrs. Todd B. Piller
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Pitman
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Pitt
Mrs. Katherina Pittman
Ms. Teresa Pizzuto
Mrs. Julia Pollard
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Pollart
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Pond
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Porter III
Ms. Ryland Potter and Mr. William Richter
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Lindbloom
Mr. C. Richard Powers
Mr. and Mrs. William Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Price, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret Price
Marion Pritchett
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Pritchett
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Probasco
Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Pryor, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Queener
Mrs. Rebecca H. Quesenberry
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Quick
Ms. Carolyn Rader
Mr. Kelly Ragsdale and Ms. Renee Hardell
Mr. James L. Raines
Mr. Edward Ramsaur
Ms. Susan R. Ramsey
Mrs. Mary E. Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Trot Raney Jr.
Ms. Carol Rauh and Ms. Jo Kirks
Ms. FredrickaRaycroft and Mr. Edward Haley
Mr. Patrick Raynor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Reardon
Dr. and Mrs. W. Lloyd Redlin
Mr. Dennis W. Reid and Mrs. Carol Wehrmann-Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reid
Kathleen and Bagley Reid
Ms. Heena Reiter
Mrs. Katherine G. Remick
Ms. Roma E. Reuther
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reynolds
Richard S. Reynolds Foundation
Mr. Robert Rhoades and Ms. Helen Little
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rickman
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Riddick
Ms. Janine Riley
Ms. Kathy Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Riley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ringo
Ms. Marcia Rinkel
Mrs. Pamela Rishoi
Mrs. and Mr. Nan Ellan Ritsch
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Roberts
Ms. Vicki Roberts and Mr. Michael Mahone
Nancy Rodrigues and Michael Abley
Mrs. Karol L. Roehr
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rogers
Ms. Brigitte Rolfe and Mr. Mort Farshchi
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Rollins
Mike and Leslie Romanchik
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Roper
Mr. Richard Rose and Mrs. Kathleen M. Rose
Dr. and Mrs. John Tyler Roseman
Ms. Elizabeth Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenkranz
Mr. and Mrs. David Rosko
Martin and JoAnn Ross
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ross
Sarah Rowland and Joe Alexander
Dr. Michael Rozenman
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Rucker
Mrs. Pamela Rudder-Eastman and Mr. Peter Eastman
Mr. Alan A. Rudnick and Mr. Marciano Villamiel
Ms. Mary Ruffine
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ruffle
Ms. Carolyn Sue Ruhle
Mr. John A. Rupp
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Rush
Mr. and Mrs. W. Arthur Russell
Ms. Elizabeth M. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ryan, Jr.
Mr. Shawn Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Winfield L. Ryan
Mr. Robert Sack and Ms. Jannene Shannon
Penelope Saffer
Dr. Mary J. Sale and Dr. Stefan Feyock
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Salomon
Mr. Steven A. Saltzberg and Ms. Sheila Chandler
Ann and Jerry Samford
Ms. Patricia Sandberg
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Sanders
Mrs. Diane S. Sandridge
Mrs. Mary Ann S. Sanford
Mr. David Sansone
Ms. Kathy Santen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Santoro
Mr. Jeffrey P. Sarmonis
Mrs. Ingeborg Sassnick and Ms. Ilana Nauman
Mr. Joseph Sattelmaier and Ms. Stephanie Muire
Mrs. Elizabeth Sauer and Mr. Bryan Moody
Ms. Connie J. Saulter and Ms. Carey W. Burch
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Savage
Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James Schardt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Scharver
Ms. Katharine Schlabach
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Schmidt
Ms. Cleta Schmitt and Mr. Robert Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Schneider
Ms. Nancy Schroeder
Jim and Laraine Schubert
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Schutt
Ms. Sara Schwarten
Ms. Pamela Schwartz
Mr. Steven Schwartz and Ms. Sheila Leullen
Ms. W. R. Schwartz and Ms. Erin Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Scott
Ms. Marilyn Scott
Dr. Robert B. and Harriet W. Scott
Ms. Donna M. Seaman
Ms. Linda G. Seamster
Ms. Susan Seaver
Ms. Jeanie Seay
Dr. Hassan Sedaghat and Ms. Seung-Hee Nah
Mr. John A. Seel
Mrs. Rebecca A. Segal and Mr. Robert E. Wieman
Ms. Sandra J. Selberis
Mr. and Mrs. Talbot H. Selby
Ms. Jean L. Seligmann
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Servis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sewell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Sexton
Mrs. Rebecca W. Shaia and Ms. Suzanne Shaia
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Shalaski
Dr. Virginia Sharpe and Ms. Cecilia Saad
Jayne and Brian Shaw
Mr. Joe Shearin and Ms. Cindy Blanks
Mr. Bill Sheltman
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Sherman
Ms. Tanya Shewmake
Ms. Holly Shields
Ms. Rachel Shimkus
Ms. Michelle Shipp
Mrs. Suzanne Short
Charleta F. Shorts
Ms. Reena Shrestha
John and Maria Shugars
Ms. Brandy Singleton
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Skalbeck
Mr. Roger Skalbeck and Ms. Mariia Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Ramesh K. Shukla
Ms. Dorothy A. Sibert
Mrs. Rosalind Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. E. Ricardo Simms
Ms. Vicki Simons and Mr. John Hayes
Dr. Adelaide W. Simpson and Mr. Dennis R. Winston
Ms. Sheryl Sims and Mr. Ian Bowater
Ms. Theresa A. Singleton
Ms. Jill Sitcer
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Slattery
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Slaughter
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Slaughter
Mrs. Evalane G. Slaughter
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Slonneger, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Smack
Ms. Carol Small and Ms. Hilary Small
Ms. Betty Lewis Smith
Mr. Beuford Smith
Ms. Dorothy H. Smith
Ms. Ellen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ivian Smith
James Ronald Smith
Ms. Lana Smith
Mr. Leslie Smith
Ms. Lynn Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Smith
Sherrill and Joey Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Truman S. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Smith
Dr. Lori Verdol Smithson
Ms. Martha Smythe
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Soderlund
Mr. Charles F. Solari
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Solyan
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sommer
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Soper
Mr. and Mrs. Ray T. Sorrell
Ms. Alice Soto
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Dr. and Mrs. Elliott J. Spanier
Ms. Jane Spilman
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Spinks
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Spitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sprague
Dr. and Mrs. Hall Squire
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Stacy
Mrs. Marjorie A. Stahl
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Stallings
Mrs. Margaret D. Stallings
Lorraine P. Stanford
Mr. Robert Stansill
Ms. Kathleen Y. Stark
Ms. Linda Starzman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stech
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steel
Mr. Ethan Stein and Dr. Amber Stein
Dr. Richard K. Sterling and Ms. Ann Auletta
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stevens
Mrs. Cheryl Stevenson
Emily and Bill Stewart
Ms. Catherine Stiebel
Rodney Stiltner and Lee Foltz
Mr. David B. Stinnett
Dr. Joseph Stogowski
Ms. Bonnie L. Stokes
Mrs. Barbara B. Stokey
Mr. Alan Stone and Ms. Dorothy Young
Dr. Kenneth E. Stoner
Dr. Diane Stoy
Mrs. Rosanna Strauss
Ms. Kathryn A. Strawn
Mr. and Mrs. O. Lewis Strickland
Ms. Doris Strickler
Mrs. Barbara J. Strong and Mr. Michael Kielbiewicz
Ms. Ingrid Stump and Mr. Eric Millikin
Ms. Barbie Such
Gannon Sugimura
Mr. and Mrs. George Suiter
Ms. Marsha L. Summerson
John Summerville and Danna Johnson
Ms. Michele M. Surat
Mr. and Mrs. William Suter
Grace E. Suttle
Elaine C. Sutton
Mr. Karel Svoboda and Mrs. Lydia Svoboda
Mr. and Mrs. Don Swain
Mr. David Swanson and Ms. Jocelyn Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. David Swanson
Ms. Christine Sweeters
Mrs. Suzanne M. Sword
Dr. Linda Szwabowski and Mr. Ray Szwabowski
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Tait
Ms. Eva S. Tashijian-Brown, Esq. and Mrs. James Tashijian-Brown
Mr. Donald G. Taylor and Ms. Harriet C. Germani
Mrs. Jan B. Taylor
Mr. John K. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taylor
Shannon L. Taylor
Mr. Boris Tchourachev and Ms. Anna Eidelman
Mr. Carl F. Tennille
Terra Foundation for American Art
Mr. and Mrs. George Terrell
Ms. Jane Terry
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Terzian
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Tessieri, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Thalhimer
Ms. Anna Tharrington
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Thayer
Mr. Joel Thigpen
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Thomas
Ms. Elizabeth L. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Emory M. Thomas
Mrs. Deborah Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Tracey Thoroman
Mrs. Barbara Tomlinson
Ms. Beth Thompson and Mr. Dale J. Horton
Mrs. Dian Thompson
Mrs. Lauren D. Thompson
Ms. Martha M. Thomson
Dr. de Teel P. Tiller
Dr. James Tobin and Ms. Jean Balutanski
Mr. John M. Tomko and Ms. Sharon Denmark
Dr. Martha J. Tompkins
Mrs. Adele R. Topham
Ms. Dawn Traver
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Trebour
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Trees, Jr.
Jolene Tritt and Paul Herzog
Mr. C. Wayne Tucker
Mr. James Tucker and Ms. Linda Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Tucker II
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Turner III
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Turner
Mrs. Virginia S. Turner
Mrs. Margaret B. Twilley
Ms. Jeanette Tyson
Mr. A. Ubi-Aad and Ms. Mable Dunkley-Sullivan
Scott and Lilo Ukrop
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Underwood
Mr. and Mrs. Bill E. Upton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Upton
Mrs. Sharon W. Utz
Ms. Sylvia Valloric
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Van Arnam
Patricia and Glenn Van Tuyle
Ms. Els Van Wingerden and Mr. Andrew Craig
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Vance, Ph.D.
Ms. Marie Vanderveer and Ms. Paige Simpson
Mr. Alfonso Varona
Ms. Malai K. Vasaio
Ms. Patricia Vastano and Mr. Dennis Lieberman
Mr. and Mrs. John Vaughan
Mrs. Mary Vetrovec
Ms. Caron Veynar
Ms. Dandra D. Via and Mr. Ed Via
Mr. and Mrs. Rawley H. Watson III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vinal
Ms. Ann Marie Vinson
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey W. Viol
Ms. Kimberly Vullo and Mr. Paul Benson
Mr. and Mrs. John Walk
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walker
Mr. Marion M. Wall and Ms. Mary S. Johnson
Ms. Eva S. Wallace
Ms. Gloria S. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walker
Mr. Ainslie Walter and Ms. Kathleen Walter
Ms. Nancy C. Walter
Ms. Mary D. Washbourne
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Watkins
Ms. Della Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Rawley H. Watson III
Sue and Ritchie Watson
Ms. Sally M. Watters
Ms. Diana C. Watts
Mr. and Mrs. James Wear
Mrs. Myra Weathington and Ms. Bridget Blakemore
Dr. Alfred C. Weaver and Mrs. Debra L. Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Mark O. Webb
Ms. Suzanne Weiss and Mr. David Weiss
Ms. Sue W. Welch
Ms. Anne Wells
Mr. and Mrs. William Wells
Wells Fargo & Co.
Dr. Steven J. Welton
Mrs. Joan Werner
John and Ingrid Whaley
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Wheeler
Ms. Patricia Whitaker
Mr. Barry White and Ms. Pat Backus
Mr. and Mrs. William A. White
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon T. Whitaker, Jr.
Ms. Katrina Whitehead
Ms. Evelyn Whitley
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Whitlock
Mrs. Robert H. Patterson, Jr.
Ms. Judith Wiegand
Laura Leigh Wilborn
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wilkoff
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Williams, Jr.
Auldlyn Higgins Williams and E.T. Williams
Mrs. Elizabeth Williams
Mrs. Elnora E. Williams
Mr. G. Swift Williams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Williams
Mr. Timothy Williams
Ms. Kelly Williamson
Tom Williamson and Janet Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. David Wilson
Ms. Linda Wilson and Mr. Calvin Eaton
Mrs. Suzanne P. Wiltshire
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wiltshire
Mrs. and Mr. Donna F. Wine
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Wingfield
Mr. and Mrs. Everett O. Winn
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Winson
Ms. Virginia R. Winston
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Winthrop
Mrs. Ellen Wisemen
Ms. Helen M. Wood
Mrs. Lisa H. Wood
Dr. and Mrs. Elliott H. Woodaman
Mr. Nathaniel H. Wooding
Mark and Karen Workman
Dr. Frederick R. Worth
Mr. and Mrs. Tod Wray
Mary Denny Wray
Mrs. July H. Wrenn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wrenn
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright
Ms. Stephanie Wroblewski
Lorna and Randy Wyckoff
Mrs. Deborah H. Wyld
Mr. Bruce Wylie and Ms. Dona M. Wylie
Ms. Elizabeth R. Wynne and Mr. James Wynne
Mr. Harold Yaffe and Ms. Merrie Schippereit
Mr. Thomas Yane and Mrs. Diane Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Yarcich
Mr. Norm Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Young
Ms. Sally Youngs
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Zacharias
Ms. Betty Jo Zarris
Ms. Cynthia Ziegler
Dr. and Mrs. Barklie W. Zimmerman
Ms. Charlotte Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. James Zocco
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Zoellner
Mr. Ken Zutavern and Ms. Patricia Hammond
Five Anonymous Donors


The COVID-19 Relief Fund Honor Roll represents gifts made between May 5 and November 11, 2020. VMFA has taken care to ensure the accuracy of this list, which includes direct contribution to the Relief Fund, waived membership extensions, refunds for cancelled programs donated back to VMFA, and emergency funding grants. If, however, there should be an omission or error, we express our sincere regret and ask that you bring it to our attention. Please phone 804.204.2666.