ARTshare Honor Roll

Thank You!

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is grateful to all those who have invested in ARTshare, an ongoing initiative to expand opportunities for digital learning and outreach. Through the generosity of the donors listed below, VMFA’s visitors–both onsite and online–will be able to interact with Virginia’s outstanding collection in new and dynamic ways.

Gifts from donors marked with an asterisk (*) were matched by the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation as part of their 1:1 Challenge Grant. Those donors marked with a superscript C made their gifts as part of VMFA’s Change Capital Campaign, which supports the museum’s 2020 Strategic Plan.

GIFTS OF $100,000 and MORE

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell II c
Margaret R. Freeman*

David and Susan Goode c*
Institute of Museum and Library Services
The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

GIFTS OF $25,000 – $99,999

Mr. Martin J. Barrington and Mrs. Mary P. Devine c*
The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
Frank Qiu and Ting Xu, Evergreen Enterprises c*
Terrell & Elliott Harrigan Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia c*
Jil and Hiter Harris c*
The Francena T. Harrison Foundation Trust*
The Hearst Foundation
James A. Hixon*
Ivan Jecklin and Allison Weinstein c*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Knox c*
The Lewis Family c*
Mr. and Mrs. A. John Lucas c*
Wycliffe G. and William G. McClurec*
Marietta McNeill and Samuel Tate Morgan Jr. Foundation*
The Morton Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
National Endowment for the Humanities
Kathryn Gray and Alex Nyerges c*
Mr. and Mrs. Satya Rangarajan
Pam and Bill Royall*
John and Maria Shugars*
Lilo and Scott Ukrop c*
Mr. and Mrs. G. Randolph Webb, Jr.c
Carole Weinstein c*

GIFTS OF $5,000 – $24,999

Tiff and Kelly Armstrong c*
Mr. Michael Bakwin
Ms. Anne Battle and Mr. Leonard S. Slater c*
Michael and Maura Bisceglia*
Mr. and Mrs. Read Branch, Jr.*
The Council of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Marie G. Dennett Foundation*
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Mr. Richard M. Frazer, Jr.*

FREEMAN’s Auctioneers and Appraisers Since 1805*
Gumenick Properties*
The Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund – DHV
The Klaus Family c*
McKinnon and Harris Inc.*
Miller Financial Services with Northwestern Mutual*
Jay Olander c*
Peachtree House Foundation*

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Read*
The Ridgeway Foundation
The Rock Foundation*
Carl and Joyce Stargardt*
Washington Art Library Resources Committee
WestRock Foundation*
The Winebow Group*

GIFTS OF $1,000 – $4,999

Ms. Kimberly Buffington and Ms. Cynthia Buffington*
Betty and Leo Dunn*
Avrum Elmakis*
Bob Fleigh Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Glick*
Garland and Agnes Taylor Gray Foundation*
Dr. Monroe E. Harris and Dr. Jill B. Harris*
Martee and Charles Johnson c*
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation*
Ms. Carolyn Jones*
Adele Livingston*
Ann and Richard Posey*
RiverFront Investment Group, LLC*
Elizabeth Locke and John Staelin c*
Mr. and Mrs. John Stark
Andy Stefanovich*
Tina and Lewis Stoneburner*
Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Wellons, Jr.*
Two Anonymous Donors*

GIFTS OF $500 – $999

Mr. and Mrs. Roy K. Anise*
Mr. Robert Barringer*
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bliley*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Blue*
Betty M. Borton*
Charles Borton*
Ms. Ann Mace Carlton*
Molly H. Dodge*
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Elles*
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fox*
Mr. Thomas Grant*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hill*
Mr. Daniel A. Hillsman, Jr.
Ms. Frances W. Holladay*
The Honorable and Mrs. A. Linwood Holton, Jr.*
Dr. Joanne C. Hudson and Mr. Gary C. Hudson*
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. James*
Mrs. JoAnn D. Kacani*
Kunkel Family Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia*
Grandis LePage Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia and Betty Sue and Todd LePage*
Page and Adrian Luxmoore*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Martin*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Mosman, Jr.*
John R. Nelson Charitable Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia*
Mr. and Mrs. Andrey Petrenko*
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Rawles III*
Mr. and Mrs. Myron H. Reinhart*
Mr. Frank Rizzo and Ms. Leslie Stack*
Ms. Amy T. Rose*
Alice H. Siegel*
John T. Siegel*
Ms. Helayne Spivak*
Tom and Tracy Stallings*
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Trani*
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Trees, Jr. *
Ms. Karen Whelan and Mr. Keith J. Perry*
Kelly and Peter Wilbanks*
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Willard III*
Mr. and Mrs. James Zehmer*

GIFTS OF $250 – $499

Ms. Nupa Agarwal and Mr. Amit Acharya*
Mr. and Mrs. Farhad Aghdami*
Dr. John M. Alexander and Ms. Helen F. Inconstanti-Alexander*
Mrs. Lisa Ambrose*
Ms. Rene Massey Ashjian*
Mr. Clifford Barcliff and Ms. Melanie D. Nan*
Mr. John Mills Barr*
Dr. and Mrs. Durgada V. Basavaraj*
Mr. James Bassfield, Jr.*
Wyatt and Tenley Beazley*
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Benson*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Doyle Berg *
Ms. Kathryn Blackburn*
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Blain*
Mrs. Pamela K. Bomboy
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Bond*
Mr. and Mrs. David Both*
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bottger*
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Bowen-Rees*
Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew Broadbent*
Mr. and Mrs. A. Edward Burgess*
Dr. Leemore M. Burke and Dr. Alan Burke*
Ms. Susan Mize Cain*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Cheely*
Dr. Hayley Cleary and Mr. Mike Cleary*
The Reverend Doctor Vienna Cobb Anderson*
Marcia and James Collier*
Mr. Coye B. Cordle III*
Ms. Constance C. Costas*
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Crocker*
Dr. and Mrs. D. Keith Crossen*
Ms. Meredith Diehl*
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Donachy *
Toy Douglas and George Lechner*
Ms. Cindy Douglass*
Mrs. Heather Drew*
Dr. Gan H. Dunnington and Dr. Judith S. Dunnington*
Ms. Carrie Eddy*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elberfeld*
Mr. Edward W. Elmore, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ernst*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ewing III*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Fauls*
Ms. Laura L. Fields*
Mrs. Karen K. Fisher and Mr. George Ceperich*
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Fockler, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Foster*
Mr. Michael Fowler*
Mr. Mark Franko*
Dr. James M. George
Mr. Roger Gildersleeve*
Mrs. Patricia M. Glavé*
Ms. Carolyn Gonzalez*
Lawrence L. and Freddie Gray*
Mr. Hank Greenberg*
Mr. Philip Halsey*
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hammond, Jr.*
Ms. Barbara Hart
Ms. Elizabeth D. Hayter*
Ms. Allison Held and Mr. Chris Bossola*
Ms. Denise Hoff *
Mr. and Mrs. W. Barry Hofheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Holdych*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hudson*
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Husson*
Mr. Johnny Hyde*
Mr. and Mrs. Lunsford Johnson*
Ms. Mara Jomphe*
Ms. Gail Kiester*
Dean and Jessica King*
Ms. Cynthia Kirby*
Ms. Jennifer M. Kirby*
Mr. Keith R. Kissee*
Dr. and Mrs. George A. Knaysi*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krouse*
Mr. and Mrs. Fontaine B. Lawson*
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Layman*
Ms. Ann Marie Leary*
Ms. Rebecca L’Ecuyer*
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Lenda*
Mrs. Alice Livingston*
Ms. Janet Lloyd*
Ms. Beth Long*
Marshall Lynch*
Sheila MacFarlane*
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Martin III*
Ms. Sarah Matheson*
Mr. and Mrs. John B. McCammon*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. McCoy, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. John E. McDonald III*
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McGann*
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McNulty*
Ms. Mindy Meredith*
Ms. Shelly Montante*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Moore*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Morris*
Mr. Clifford Barcliff and Ms. Melanie Dawn Nan*
Mr. Sridhar Neralla and Ms. Patricia Schmitz*
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Niamtu III*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Nolan*
Ms. Lili Obrien*
Mr. Kevin O’Hagan*
Mrs. Thomas S. Osdene*
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Otero*

Pamela G. and Fred W. Palmore*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pearce*
H. Brian and Mary W. Peppiatt*
Ms. Melissa Pocock*
Mrs. William D. Redick*
Mr. and Mrs. John M. R. Reed*
Mr. and Mrs. F. Scott Reed, Jr.*
Mrs. Katharine L. Reid*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Reynolds*
Carter and Lucy Rise*
Mr. and Mrs. Agustin E. Rodriguez*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Rosman*
Ms. Eve Saville and Mr. Hagen Saville*
Mr. George Scott*
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Semple*
Mrs. Inge Sen*
Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Shah*
Madeva Sharma*
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey P. Sisk*
Dr. and Mrs. Julious P. Smith III*
Ms. Catherine B. Southall*
Spider Management Company, LLC*
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Spitzer*
Ms. Jane L. Sternheimer and Mr. Henry A. Johnson*
Mr. and Mrs. David Stock*
Mr. and Mrs. Sahil Tak*
Mr. Neil S. Talegaonkar*
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Tate*
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Thomas*
Mr. James L. Thomas and Ms. Ann Tankersley*
Sherry and Kent Titus*
Ms. Holly Tyson*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ughetta*
Ted and Katie Ukrop*
Anthony J. and Sally J. Vadella*
Deborah and Thomas Valentine*
Mr. Erik Van Strien and Ms. Sandee Ferebee*
Ms. Ana Venegas*
Pete Wagner*
Mr. William A. Walsh, Jr.*
Ms. Donna Wheeler*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Wheless*
Mr. and Mrs. Matt White*
Chris and Claire Williams Family Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Williams*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wilt*
Stevie and Marshall Wishnack*
Isabella G. Witt*
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Harris Woody*
Mr. and Mrs. William Wright*
Two Anonymous Donors*

GIFTS OF $100 – $249

Rebecca Adams*
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Anchor*
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Anderson *
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. David Baime*
Ms. Amy Barefoot and Mr. Ray Murphy
John W. Barrows*
Mrs. Jill P. Beach*
Ms. Jessica Berliner*
Judy and Richard Binns*
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Blaylock, Sr.
Dr. Cecelia H. Boardman*
Ms. Katherine H. Booker*
Mr. and Mrs. Girard Bowe*
Ms. Cathy Bradley*
Mr. B. Y. Brown and Ms. Maria Calcaterra*
Ms. Deborah Brown*
Ms. Judith M. Brown*
Mr. and Mrs. Philip P. Burks, Jr.*
Ms. Angela Cain*
Ms. Jeannette Cain*
Mr. Joseph Caputi*
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Carreras*
Ms. Patricia F. Chandler*
Eva and Will Clarke
Mr. David R. Coffield and Dr. Martha C. Coffield*
John W. Collier III*
Elizabeth J. Cooper*
Mr. James H. Cottrell, Jr. and Ms. Melissa R. Phillips*
The Craigie Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia*
Mr. G. Sanford Dallas
Mr. Richard McGuire Davis
Dr. and Mrs. H. Talmage Day*
Ms. Jean Deshazo*
Ms. Janet Diehl*
Ms. Heather Dombrovskiy*
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Drechsler*
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer K. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Emerson, Jr.
Ms. Susan Falbo*
Ms. Noel Feminella*
Dr. and Mrs. George L. Fischer
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Formica*
Maggie Georgiadis*
Dr. Shirley Gibson*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benton Giles
Marsha J. and Robert E. Goodman*
Ms. Wendy D. Goodman*
Mrs. Sally Ray Griffith*
Carolyn P. and David W. Grow*
Ms. Joyce M. Grunewald and Dr. Paul J. Kauffmann*
Mr. Harold Hartley and Ms. Donna Parker
Mr. Kenneth Hitchens*
Mr. Stanley Hite*
Mr. Eric J. Hodges and Aaron Hodges*
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hoggard, Jr.*
Ms. Christine Holley*
Mrs. Claudia J. Holmes*
Dr. Jerome Imburg*
Mr. Donald P. Irwin and Mrs. Linda S. Winslett
Mr. and Mrs. Peyton G. Jefferson, Jr.*
Mr. David Jenkins*
Mr. Fred Joubin
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kerby*
Dr. Melissa W. King*
Lyn and Don Kocen*
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kramer*
Dr. and Mrs. John Thomas Lanning
Mrs. Charlotte G. Levenson*
Mrs. Jeanette S. Lipman*
Ms. Aranzazu Llamazares and Mr. Huberto Ennis *
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lowery*
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mast*
Mr. Gregory Mayer*
Dr. Cynthia M. Messmer and Dr. James M. Messmer*
Ms. Amy Frey Miller and Mr. Mark Miller*
Mr. Marty Milner*
Dr. Charles H. Moseley
Mrs. Caroline H. Neal*
Ms. Jane W. Nelson*
Ms. Linda Newman*
Trudy Norfleet*
Ms. Nancy O’Donnell*
Ms. Kathryn Ogden*
Ms. Marya Olgas and Ms. Kassie Ann Olgas
Mr. Thomas P. Owens*
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Parsley*
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Partridge*
Ms. Linda Pattee and Mr. Gerard Gilfoyle*
Mrs. Robert H. Patterson, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Patton
Mr. Floyd Percy and Ms. Linda Pearson*
Mr. James Ingram and Ms. Constance Pechura*
Roland and Martha Pittman*
Deborah G. Pleasants*
Catherine S. Plotkin*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pratt*
Ms. Maria Quigley*
Celia Rafalko and Rick Sample*
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rahal*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Ritter*
Ms. Sue S. Robertson*
Hugh and Pat Rooney*
Mrs. Teresa Sanders*
Mr. David Sansone*
Mr. Eric L. Schellenberger and Ms. Joan M. Spyhalski*
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Schieken*
Ms. Jennifer L. Schooley *
Ms. Debra G. Serena*
Lee and Sue Sheaffer
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sherron*
Ms. Emily Smith and Mr. Jon Sheridan*
Mrs. Jane S. Smith*
Albert and Daryll Sneden*
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Soper
Paul and Nancy Springman
Ms. Lorraine Stanford
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Stewart*
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Stone, Jr.*
Drs. Shantaram and Sunita Talegaonkar*
Mr. C. Wayne Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Vaughan
Verisk Analytics *
Ms. Harriett A. Waldrop*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Walker, Jr.*
John Warkentin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Watts II
Courtenay S. Welton II and Ms. Ellen Boynton*
Mr. and Mrs. Kennon C. Whittle*
Mr. Mark C. Williams*
Mrs. Joan S. Williams
Ms. Laura R. Wright*
Mr. and Mrs. William Young*
An Anonymous Donor

GIFTS OF $10 – $99

Anne and Robert Adler*
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Alders
Mr. William Anderson
Howard and Lynn Armuth*
Mrs. Ann C. Artz*
Dr. Robert K. Ax*
Ms. Ann O. Ayer
Ms. Carlos Baeza and Ms. Lizzette Baeza *
Mrs. Mary J. Bailey*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beabout*
Mr. Michael Bem and Ms. Ashby Watson*
Ms. Linda Beringer*
Mr. William M. Berkeley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. Berkowitz*
Ms. Denise B. Bethel*
Martin and Jean Betts*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Blake*
Ed and Martha Blanks
Mr. and Mrs. William Boice*
Mr. and Mrs. James Bowers*
Ms. Carolyn R. Brandt*
Ms. Pauline C. Brickman*
Ms. Catherine Brown
Mr. John Brusca and Mrs. Sherri Thompson-Brusca*
Mrs. Kim Bryant *
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Bucklen*
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Burke*
Mr. and Mrs. David Burton*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Call*
Dr. and Mrs. Wesley B. Carter*
Mrs. Meredith Caskie*
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Centini*
Mr. and Mrs. David Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Childress*
Dr. Jan F. Chlebowski*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Church
Prof. and Mrs. Orazio A. Ciccarelli*
Mr. and Mr. John O. Clarke*
Ms. Doris F. Clements*
Myra Clements*
The Rev. Dr. E. Allen Coffey and Dr. Deborah Waters*
Carey Coleman and Kathy Northington*
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Colker*
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Conklin*
Ms. Linda F. Conley*
Ms. Janet Cook and Mr. Franklin Bost
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Copley
Mrs. Virginia Copping
Mr. Richard Correia and Ms. Janet Gore
Mrs. Patricia Crawford*
Mrs. Miriam F. Crews*
Mr. and Mrs. David Critics*
Ms. Nancy L. Crowder*
Mrs. Doris B. Crowell*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Crump
Mr. and Mrs. Al Cummins*
Mr. Dennis L. Cupp*
Mrs. Margaret F. Dent*
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice W. Dickerson*
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dirom*
Ms. Anne Marie Dodson*
Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Doering
Mrs. Linda R. Doggett*
Ms. Patricia Doniger*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. William Eldred*
Ms. Frances H. Ellis
Mr. Stephen Engle*
Ms. Janet Evans and Mr. Larry Pankey*
Ms. Nancy Faulkner*
Ms. Jayne Y. Feminella
Ms. Linda L. Ferrell*
Ms. Kathryn Fessler and Ms. Cathy Vaughn*
Mrs. Patricia Ann S. Fetta*
Dr. Dorothy Finnegan and Ms. Elizabeth Ward Kalb*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Foster*
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Foster*
Mr. Anthony J. Frank*
Suzanne Franke *
Ms. Dianne M. Franklin*
Mrs. Susan K. French*
Mr. John A. Fuller*
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Germain*
Ms. Charlotte Gibson and Mr. Douglas Miller*
Mrs. Martha Norris Gilbert*
Mr. Franklin E. Giles*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Gillon
Mrs. Phenie D. Golatt*
Mr. John Grant and Ms. Stacey Evans*
Terry E. Grant*
Mrs. Cathy E. Gray*
Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft F. Greene*
Ms. Linda Gueringer*
Ms. Kathryn Hallett*
Ms. Jane Utz Hamilton*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hanley*
Shepard and Katherine Harder
Ms. Courtney Harris*
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Haskell*
Mr. and Mrs. William Hauser
Mrs. Gaby Heller
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Helms*
Dorothy J. Higbee
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hildreth*
Ms. Harriette Hoagland*
Ms. Carita Hodson*
Jens Holzhaeuser*
Mr. and Mrs. Cordell Hopper
Ms. Amy Isaacs
Dr. Caroline Goode Jackson*
Mr. Robert Jackson and Mr. Thomas Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jennings*
Mr. William Johnson and Dr. Willene Johnson*
Ms. Marietta Jones*
Ms. Olivia B. Jones*
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Jones
Ms. Linda Kaup*
Mr. Kevin Kessler and Ms. Sharon Jadrnak*
Mr. and Mrs. James Kidd
Ms. Annette King and Mr. Steven King*
Mrs. Barbara S. Kinsey
Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Timothy Kirkbride*
Theresa Kitts*
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Knaggs*
Ms. Barbara Knapp
Ms. and Mr. Sharon Lane*
Dr. Daniel M. Laskin*
Mr. Victor W. Lavenstein*
Mr. Tom Lee*
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lindsay
Ms. Bobbie M. Lively*
Ms. Bonnie Lowe and Mr. Michael E. Lowe*
Ms. Laurin Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maddux*
Mrs. Frances H. Madison*
Ms. Patricia A. Maehr*
Mr. Mohit Mago and Mr. Shakun Mago
Mrs. Marian G. Mahon
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard T. Mallahan*
Mrs. Judith Mayo Mallory*
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Manson*
Ms. Elaine R. Mariontell*
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ralph Martin
Mrs. Maria C. Martinez*
Ms. Janet Martino
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mattingly
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. McCarthy*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McCowen*
Anne McCutcheon*
Mr. and Mrs. John McGill*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven McKay*
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McLaughlin*
Mrs. Edwin B. Meade, Jr.*
Ms. Carol Sprenkle Meese*
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mellon
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Merchant*
Colonel and Mrs. Philip Merrick*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Milone*
Ms. Terry T. Moore*
Daniel T. and Joan W. Murphy*
Mr. and Mrs. George Nan*
Ms. Andrea Nash*
Mr. and Mrs. William Nau*
Dr. Angela S. Navarre
Ms. Barbara K. Newlin*
Mrs. Julia L. Nofsinger*
Mrs. Joan B. Nolte
Mrs. Sandra Nunnally*
Katherine Oliver*
Mrs. Vilma B. Osmalov*
Mr. Carlos H. Ossandon-Cerda
Ms. Janice C. Pace*
Mr. Lawley Paisley-Jones*
Mrs. Lynn K. Pappas*
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Parlow
Mrs. JoEllen Perry and Ms. Jennifer Perry*
Ms. Victoria Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. O. Ralph Puccinelli, Jr.*
Mrs. John B. Purcell*
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Quearry*
Dr. Marjorie P. Quimby and Dr. Edna Warncke*
Mr. James L. Raines*
Ms. Susan R. Ramsey*
Ms. Elain Rand*
Ms. Elaine Rand *Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Ransone*
Mr. and Mrs. William Redwine*
Mrs. Joan W. Rigby
Miss Margaret M. Rockecharlie
Ms. Kathy H. Rogers*
Ms. Sheila Rosenfield and Mr. David Vanover*
Mrs. Toby S. Rosenthal*
Mr. and Mrs. David Sam
Mr. Bruce C. Sandkam and Ms. Susan Hartauer
Ms. Barbara L. Saunders and Mr. Sergio Noguers
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schay*
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard G. Schifrin*
Mrs. Joachim W. Schoen
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Scott*
Ms. Barbara S. Seay*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Shaia, Jr.*
Mrs. Donna S. Sharits*
Mrs. Maria Sheehan*
Erin Sheets*
Ram and Shobha Shenoy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shepherd*
Mrs. Carol Sherman*
Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman, Jr.*
Dr. Simon P. Sibelman*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Sihler*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simms
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sisk*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Sizoo
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smiegowski*
Ms. Anne P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Smith
Ms. Veronica Giella Smith*
Dr. and Mrs. Elliott J. Spanier*
Ms. Jennifer Spoon*
Mrs. Joan Sprinkle*
Mr. Gary Spruill and Mrs. Christina Broughton-Spruill*
Ms. Mildred St. Leger*
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Stallings
Ms. Carol Stangel*
Ms. Norma Starkweather*
Ms. Catherine Stiebel*
Mr. David B. Stinnett
Ms. Lucy V. Stockdell
Ms. Penelope Stokes-Hall
Ms. Susanne S. Stone*
Ms. Ruth O. Stover
Ms. Marsha L. Summerson*
Tory and Ted Susac*
Ms. Christine Sweeters*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Szucs*
Mr. Donald G. Taylor and Ms. Harriet C. Germani*
Mr. John M. Tomko and Ms. Sharon Denmark*
Mr. Donald R. Traser and Mr. Thomas W. Reid*
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Tucker, II*
Carol and Albert Turner*
Mrs. Gay Van Vleck*
Ms. Cleta J. Venator*
Ms. Suzi Early Via*
Susan Wagner*
Ms. Deborah A. Walker
Ms. Suzanne Walker
Ms. Janet Wall*
Ms. Barbara Walsh*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walsh
Mr. Jack Wax and Ms. Miyuki Nishiuchi*
Mr. Charles E. Webber, Jr.*
Mrs. Mary M. Webber*
Ms. Lynda S. White and Mr. David Burke *
Mr. and Mrs. William A. White*
Mrs. Cheryl B. Whitley*
Mrs. Elnora E. Williams*
Mrs. Frazier Wilson and Mrs. Barbara Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Julian D. Wilton
Ms. Nadine Wingfield*
Dr. Tarynn Witten*
Mrs. Sara C. Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Wood*
Dr. and Mrs. R. Elliott H. Woodaman
Miss Elizabeth Lee Wright*
Mr. Richard Wright and Mrs. Caroline Cobb-Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Wyatt
Mr. Thomas Yane and Ms. Diane Jennings*
Dr. Mary Jane Zander*
Mrs. Sonia Zinder


VMFA has taken care to ensure the accuracy of this list. If, however, there should be an omission or error, we express our sincere regret and ask that you bring it to our attention. Please phone 804.340.1479.