Mind, Body + Spirit Classes

Yoga Classes at VMFA Studio SchoolAs part of the Mind, Body & Spirit connection, three different sections of Yoga Studio are offered weekly during each semester at the Studio School.  Gentle Hatha yoga focuses on connecting the mind and the breath in a series of stretches and poses designed to relax the mind and build strength and flexibility.

Instructor Jodi Bock conducts the yoga courses with a soothing voice that leads participants through the various poses.


Class Schedule

Mindfulness Meditation for Creativity [60]

Sat, Oct 17  10 am --1 pm  (1 sessions) | Studio School, 2nd floor, Conference Room

Designed for anyone interested in deepening their creative expression, this workshop will explore these questions: What is creativity? How do we access our creative desires? How do we stay motivated when creative blocks arise? How do we continue to enhance the results of our creative action? Using ancient meditative practices from the Himalayas of India, participants will explore meditative techniques designed to elevate artistic expression, enliven inner spirit, and enrich the creative process. During this in-depth journey, we will calm the mind, relax the nervous system, and engage in discussion and personal reflection. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a notebook and pen.

$50 (VMFA members $35)