Patricia Silva-Santisteban – Virginia Sculpture Artist

Sat & Sun, Feb 17 & 18, 11 am–5 pm

“In the ancient city of Eqqumarka, every child received a horse which would be a companion and friend….in the ruins of this city, these companions were found…” Patricia Silva-Santisteban.

Originally a Peruvian architect, Patricia tends to see opportunities to explore in the underlying structure of certain objects, an opportunity to explore their components: “My horses are really four, tall columns, the upper part is usually as ornamental and exaggerated as the columns will support.” Exploration for her is an objective in and of itself. She loves to try different clays, textures, firings, glazes. etc. Patricia has a fascination with glass, when the light penetrates it; the result is magic, creating “solid watercolors.” Her love of ancient cultures inspires her to make objects that look like old relics found in a secret ruin far, far away.

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