VMFA on-site teacher workshops provide innovative ideas and activities for interdisciplinary learning—and resource packets with background information, lesson plan concepts, vocabulary, and CDs of images. A boxed lunch or dinner is also provided. Pre-registration is required. Workshops are suitable for recertification points.

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Teacher Workshop: Horsing Around: The Horse in Ancient Greek Art

Thu, Feb 22, 4:30 – 7 pm | Conference Suite & Galleries
Courtney Morano, VMFA Manager of Interpretation and Ancient Art Collection Educator
Discover equestrian life from the time of Homer to Alexander the Great! Explore the integral function the horse played in ancient Greek culture, from myth and legend, to warfare and transportation, to leisure, sports and Olympic competition. Participate in a variety of activities and delve into horse culture as represented on vases, coins, and sculpture. This experience includes a visit to the exhibition, The Horse in Greek Art, on view at VMFA from February 17 through July 8, 2018. 
$20 (VMFA members $18)

Teacher Workshop: What Does a Hero Look Like? Making Meaningful Portraits

Thu, Mar 8, 4:30 – 7 pm | Conference Suite & Galleries
Twyla Kitts, VMFA Teacher Workshop Educator and Rebecca Field, Art Teacher, Douglas Freeman High School
How do you decide who your heroes are? Why are there so many portraits of heroes from past eras? What do clothing, setting, and props tell us about a hero portrayed in a portrait? Do these portraits always look like the subject? What is a memory portrait? Participate in discussions about how to analyze portraits, related gallery quests, and small-group idea sharing before choosing from a variety of media to create your own hero portrait. 
$20 (VMFA members $18)

Teacher Workshop: Learning to See: Drawing as an Investigation Strategy

Thu, Mar 22, 4:30 – 7 pm | Conference Suite & Galleries
Melanie Nan, M.Ed, 4th Grade Teacher Researcher, Sabot at Stony Point School
Drawing is not just for artists. How many times have you jotted down a quick sketch as an explanation? Explore the importance of observational drawing by slowing down and really seeing. Discuss works of art in the VMFA collection and use a variety of drawing materials and scientific tools to discover not only what things look like, but how they work. Experience how drawing can lead to deeper understandings across the curriculum. 
$20 (VMFA members $18)

Teacher Workshop: STEAM Time!

NEW DATE! Sat, May 12, 10 am – 3 pm | Pauley Center Historic Parlor  & Galleries

Come learn about applying the A(rts) in STEAM education with fidelity. Hands-on activities using Makey Makeys and other open-ended STEAM lessons will be featured.
Don’t miss this chance to interact with Mike Gettings (Instructional Specialist, Visual Arts, Chesterfield County Public Schools) and his alter-ego—Lightman, whom you may have seen during InLight Richmond, an annual public exhibition of light-based art and performance.

$30 (VMFA members $27)
Fee includes a boxed lunch.

Teacher Workshop: Weather, Seasons, and the Cycles of Life

NEW DATE! Sat, Apr 14, 10 am – 3 pm | Pauley Center Historic Parlor  & Galleries
Twyla Kitts, VMFA Teacher Workshop Educator
From thunderstorms on raging seas to sunny skies above pastures, artists have used weather phenomena to create mood, movement, and contrast in works of art. Designed especially for elementary art, science, and English teachers, this workshop includes art projects, children’s literature, and creative writing assignments that relate to the weather-related components of the Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change and Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems strands in the Virginia SOLs. 
$30 (VMFA members $27) 
Fee includes a boxed lunch.