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Conservation on Display

Wed, Sep 18, 12:30–3 pm | Third–floor Lounge outside of the South Asian Galleries

Join Senior Conservation Technician, Dan Brisbane, for a discussion about the efforts to conserve the framing of artworks, including matting, glazing materials, backing board and other materials.

Free, no tickets required.

3 in 30: The Picture Book Hook

Tue, Oct 8, 11 am–11:30 & Thu, Oct 10, 6:30–7 pm | Meet at Visitor Services

Children’s picture books often provide fascinating insights into artists and their work. Come and discover how beautifully illustrated children’s books can inspire investigations of Dave the Potter, Mary Cassatt’s Child Picking a Fruit, and Sergei Maliutin’s “Teremok” Chair.

Free, no tickets required.

3 in 30: Traditions renewed: Native artists working today

Tue, Nov 5, 11 am–11:30 & Thu, Nov 7, 6:30–7 pm | Meet at Visitor Services

The term Native America calls to mind a point in this country’s past; a bygone era where indigenous Americans were seen as obstacles to the realization of the Euro-American dream. Far from disappearing into the past, today’s indigenous artists are actively writing new chapters of their story while revising the old ones. Working in what can be considered “traditional” mediums, these artists are adding vibrant, creative voices to the conversation about what it means to be an American.

Free, no tickets required.