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3 in 30: These Three Unassuming Objects

Tue, Jun 5, 11–11:30 am & Thu, Jun 7, 6:30–7 pm | Meet at Visitor Services
with Trent Nicholas, Media Programs Coordinator

Could mere design change the world? Three commonplace but handsome objects in our Decorative Arts galleries have so much more to them than what meets the eye. A gravitas of intent far exceeds their modestly useful functions. Come see and hear what deep meanings rest in these pieces that were part of bigger movements that had attitude-changing, even utopian, goals.

Free, no tickets required.

Pop Up: Mother's Memory

Fri, Jun 29, 5–7 pm | Meet at Visitor Services

Join professional artist Debbie Quick, Faculty Research Fellow at the Arts Research Institute at VCUarts, for an activity that asks the visitor to share memories that will contribute to a collaborative and ongoing beaded artwork.

Free, no tickets required.

3 in 30: Napoleon: Casting a Long Shadow

Tue, Jul 10, 11–11:30 am & Thu, Jul 12, 6:30–7 pm | Meet at Visitor Services
with Dr. Colleen Yarger, Curatorial Assistant for the European Art and Mellon Collections 

While Napoleon was in power, and even after his downfall, he proved to be a valuable source of commissions and subject matter for artists. Although the connections between Napoleon and these artists are not always apparent, on this short tour, you’ll discover how he affected the artistic output of three artists in VMFA’s permanent collection.

Free, no tickets required.

3 in 30: Six Degrees of Napoleon: The Power of Splendor

Tue, Aug 7, 11–11:30 am & Thu, Aug 9, 6:30–7 pm | Meet at Visitor Services
with Twyla Kitts, Teacher Programs Coordinator

How do powerful individuals assert their power and prestige? Napoleon’s careful construction of his imperial image invites comparisons with the visual symbols and images used by other rulers in different times and places. Join this gallery tour to discover what happens when visual symbols clash with real-world events.

Free, no tickets required.