Tree-of-Life Palampore (Primary Title)

Unknown (Artist)

Cotton, mordant and resist-dyed in hand-drawn designs
Coromandel Coast, India
Overall: 87 1/16 × 127 5/8 in. (221.14 × 324.17 cm)
Not on view
Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Endowment, along with gifts by exchange from Mrs. M. N. Blakemore, in memory of her late husband, Major Maurice Neville Blakemore, Estate of Miss Lizzie Boyd, Russell O. and Lucille T. Briere, Mrs. Harvey Archer Clopton, Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Lipman, George C. and Cecilia D. McGhee, Dr. Brooks Marsh, Dr. Leigh A. Marsh, Mrs. Oliver F. Marston, Dr. William M. Patterson, Miss Anne Rowland, Mr. Charles B. Samuels, Dr. George N. Thrift, Mrs. M.S. Wightman, Mrs. Nellie L. Wiley, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Will, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Foundation
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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