ca. 1925
Decorative Arts
Furniture and Furnishings
rosewood, sharksin, mother-of-pearl, replacement fabric
Overall: 36 1/2 × 17 × 20 1/2 in. (92.71 × 43.18 × 52.07 cm)
Clément Rousseau was one of the most prolific designers of the Art Deco period, but examples of his work are rare. A student of sculpture and furniture design, his work was displayed regularly at exhibitions in Paris during the 1920s. Although at first glance these chairs look identical, their backs are in fact different in design. The stylized flower petals, volutes, sunray patterns, and frames are of dyed-green and natural-gray shagreen (sharkskin). Sharkskin, which was a very strong material, was a favorite of Rousseau and other Art Deco designers.
Inscribed (inside front of seat support): Clement Rousseau
Inscribed (inside front of seat support): Clement Rousseau
Gift of Sydney and Frances Lewis
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©artist or artist’s estate

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