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rock crystal, gold, enamel, diamonds, emerald, watercolor, ivory
St. Petersburg, Russia
Overall: 9 7/8 × 4 in. (25.1 × 10.2 cm)
Other (each miniature): 1 × 1 11/64 in. (2.54 × 2.96 cm)
Group "Twelve Miniatures from Crystal Egg" (47.20.369.1-12)
The Imperial Rock Crystal Easter Egg with Revolving Miniatures was presented by Tsar Nicholas II to his wife, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, in 1896 for their second Easter as a married couple—just two months before their coronation. The base of this egg is decorated in champlevé enamels and set with rose-cut diamonds. Its upper register features the monogram of Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine, Alexandra Feodorovna’s name and title before she married Nicholas in 1894.
twelve miniatures signed Zehngraf
Initials of workmaster Mikhail Perkhin, assay mark of St. Petersburg before 1899, 56 zolotnik; original fitted velvet case lining with imperial warrant mark of Faberge, St. Petersburg, Moscow; the exterior stamped (later) with Cyrillic initials "AF" and no. 17546
Bequest of Lillian Thomas Pratt
Falling in Love Again, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Phillip Morris Gallery, July 1-September 25, 1994.
Collector of the Year, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, February 6 - March 13, 1983.
The Today Show television, New York, 26 March 1968.
Paris Exposition Universelle, Paris, April 15 - November 12, 1900.

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Imperial Easter Egg with Revolving Miniatures

VMFA Faberge Imperial Egg with Revolving Miniatures

Lillian Thomas Pratt’s Fabergé: Shopping, Collecting, Remembering

This intimate documentary unveils the world-renowned Lillian Thomas Pratt Collection of Fabergé and Russian Decorative Arts at the VMFA through recollections of family members and others who share their experiences about Mrs. Pratt, the passionate collector, and the facts behind the fantasies.

Imperial Rock Crystal Easter Egg

Imperial Rock Crystal Easter Egg, 1896, by Fabergé firm Mikhail Perkhin, Workmaster (Russian, 1860 - 1903) Johannes Zehngraf, Painter of miniatures (Russian , 1857 - 1908) Rock-crystal, gold, emerald, diamonds, enamel, watercolor on ivory Bequest of Lillian Thomas Pratt Music: excerpt from Alexander Borodin, String Quartet No. 1 in A Major - I. Moderato - Allegro

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