1889 - 1907
oil on canvas
Unframed: 84 × 52 in. (213.36 × 132.08 cm)
Framed: 93 11/16 × 51 11/16 in. (237.97 × 131.29 cm)
Not on view
Lower right: "Rich'd N. Brooke"
Gift of John Barton Payne
American: The Live and Legend of Pocohontas, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va., October 15, 1994 - April 30, 1995

Falling in Love Again, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Philip Morris Gallery, Richmond, Va., July 1 - September 25, 1994

Jamestown Exposition, Hampton Roads, VA, April 26 - December 1, 1907.
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Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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