Statuette of Molossian Hound (Primary Title)

Unknown (Artist)

2nd-3rd Century
Overall: 1 3/4 × 6 3/8 × 3 in. (4.45 × 16.19 × 7.62 cm)
Mount: 3/4 × 7 3/16 × 4 in. (1.91 × 18.26 × 10.16 cm)

Like a Molossian hound or tawny Laconian, the shepherd’s friend, I’ll pursue with ears pricked through deepest snow whatever wild beast runs before me. — Horace (Roman poet, 65–8 BC), Epode 6

The Molossian hound, ancestor of the modern mastiff, was prized as a guard hound and dog of war. This depiction of a Molossian at rest captures the strength of the breed but also evokes literary descriptions of Molossians as obedient and silent hunters. Cast using the lost-wax method, this highly detailed bronze (even the tendons of the paws are depicted) may have adorned—and watched over—a chest or ceremonial chariot.

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Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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