ca. 1898-1900
Decorative Arts
Lighting Devices
Favrile glass, enamel, brass, gilding
New York, New York, United States
Overall (base): 40 1/2 × 13 in. (102.87 × 33.02 cm)
Around 1898 Charles Winthrop Gould, a prominent lawyer, art collector, and trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, asked Louis Comfort Tiffany to create the interior decoration for his house. A peacock motif was a central theme of the decoration and inspired this monumental lamp. The body is favrile-or hand-blown-glass with a peacock-feather pattern. The shade of the lamp is a favrile glass globe featuring a swirling pattern. Three enameled-brass peacock heads support the glass globe. The foot of the lamp is enameled brass with a ring of glass scarabs. Additional scarabs surround the birds’ necks.
Globe inscribed inside rim: M3460
Gift of the Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation
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(See Curatorial File for additional ctations)

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