Qin Opera Performer (Primary Title)
秦劇人物圖軸 王子武 近現代 紙本 (Primary Title)

Wang Ziwu 王子武, Chinese, born 1936 (Artist)

Works On Paper
Hanging scroll; ink and color on paper
Image: 34 × 22 in. (86.36 × 55.88 cm)
Blending Western-style portraiture with Chinese ink washes and painterly brushstrokes, Wang Ziwu, a well-known artist from Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, depicts a Qin opera performer. Female stage roles known as dan entail graceful, emotive gestures and elegant, high-pitched singing. Here, the actor maneuvers a symbolic handkerchief, wearing a jeweled crown with tassels extending down her body and dramatic eye makeup. Qin opera performances are often attended in celebration of birthdays and the Chinese Lunar New Year.
Modern period (1912-present)
子武 Ziwu
子武之印 Ziwu zhiyin
一九七八年伯春子武習寫于北京西郊 (Painted by Ziwu in the western suburb of Beijing in the spring of 1978)
Loan from the Y.T. Bay Collection

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