Red Raku Teabowl (Translation)
赤樂茶碗 二代小川長樂作 昭和 (Primary Title)

Ogawa Choraku II, (1912-1991) (Artist)

20th century
Earthenware with orange-red and grayish glazes
Overall: 3 7/16 × 4 9/16 in. (8.73 × 11.59 cm)
This modern, low-fired tea bowl is named “Snow” for its glaze pattern, which displays a sense of movement in comparison to the static, monochrome tradition. The red-and-gray bowl bears a mark reading “Raku,” given to the Raku family by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a tea master and prominent warlord in 16th-century Japan.
Raku ware
Showa period (1926-1989)
長樂二代 Choraku II
Wooden box: 赤樂茶碗 二代小川長樂造 崛內宗完 (兼中齋)宗匠書
Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Endowment
© artist or artist estate

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