Red-figure Bell-Krater (Primary Title)

Black Thyrsus Painter, active ca. 400-ca. 366 BCE (Artist)

375-350 BC
Greek (Attic)
Overall: 14 1/8 × 14 1/4 in. (35.88 × 36.2 cm)

The dancing maenads (literally “mad women,” female followers of Dionysos) have their heads thrown back in ecstatic worship of Dionysos, the god of wine. The column indicates that this dance takes place at a sanctuary.

This vase dates to the last phase of red-figure vase painting in Athens, when figure drawing and the liberal use of added red and white pigments anticipated developments in South Italian pottery during the 4th century BC.

Museum Purchase with funds provided by Mr. and Mrs. Gus Commings in memory of Dr. Peter Commings
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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