Medallion (Primary Title)

Unknown (Artist)

5th-8th century
Overall: 3 1/2 in. (8.89 cm)
The winged woman holding a cloth full of fruit represents earthly abundance. Alternating images of emperors and crosses emphasize the unity of church and state. The gold is very thin, suggesting that the piece was made for burial with the deceased.
Adolph D. and Wilkins C. Williams Fund
Gonosová, Anna, Christine Kondoleon, Lawrence Becker, Deborah Schorsch, Jane L. Williams, and Mark T. Wypyski. “Art of Late Rome and Byzantium: In the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.” Richmond: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 1994. (cat. no. 37, pp. 108-111, 165)
Image released via Creative Commons CC-BY-NC

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