Èsù Staff (Primary Title)
dance hook (Alternate Title)

Unknown (Artist)

19th-20th century
wood, cowrie shells, glass beads, string, cloth, seeds
Nigeria, Republic of Benin
Overall: 15 3/8 × 4 × 9 3/4 in. (39.05 × 10.16 × 24.77 cm)
Èsù, the messenger god, is an omnipresent force in the Yoruba world. If a person makes offerings to him, Èsù will communicate with the òrìsà (gods) on his or her behalf. But if he is not properly honored he becomes a trickster. Èsù is the activator of a person’s life force, enabling (or disabling) sight, intelligence, and awareness.

To send a message, Èsù sounds a flute, as he does in the carving on this staff. The second face, which represents Èsù’s dual nature and his presence in the spiritworld, appears at the tip of the arc projecting from his head. To carry this staff, a devotee would hook it over his or her shoulder, so that one face looks forward, the other back.
Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund
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