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In Our Own Words: Native Impressions 2015-16

In Our Own Words: Native Impressions 2015-16 features a series of prints intended to highlight the life experiences of Native Americans living in North Dakota today. Daniel Heyman, whose previous work dealt with provocative social and political issues, collaborated with Lucy Ganje, who has family ties to tribal nations in North Dakota, to produce the portfolio under the guidance of master printer Kim Fink.

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Steinlen: Cats

This feline-themed exhibition of thirty-two works, comprising both highly stylized as well as tender, realistic images, aims to revive the understanding of and appreciation for Steinlen’s uncanny eye and sinuous line. Though this exhibition focuses exclusively on Steinlen’s images of cats, it also explores his artistic growth as he experimented with a range of styles, such as Realism, Japonisme, Art Nouveau, and Post-Impressionism, over the course of his career.

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Thomas R. Schiff: Virginia 360°

The noted American contemporary photographer Thomas R. Schiff uses a panoramic camera to create dynamic and startlingly original images of well-known buildings and familiar places: “I always like to go to places people are familiar with and show the perspective from a panoramic camera,” he recently stated. “The camera distorts everything in the picture – straight lines become curved and it throws off your perspective. It challenges your relationship to what is familiar or thought to be understood.”

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Organic: Photographs of the Natural World

From scientific to symbolic, images of nature have played an integral role in the history of photography. As the impulse to make images of flowers and trees runs deep through the photographic tradition, this exhibition offers diverse perspectives, ranging from sincere attempts to convey the beauty and wonder of the natural world to critical commentaries on the tension between humankind and nature.

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Miwako Nishizawa: Twelve Views of Virginia

Miwako Nishizawa is a California-based Japanese-American artist specializing in the traditional shin-hanga Japanese woodblock technique that revitalized the ukiyo-e tradition in early 20th century Japan.

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Artists as Art: Photographic Portraits

Robert Frank photographs Beat poet Allen Ginsberg hugging a tree, Imogen Cunningham poses Alfred Stieglitz standing in front of a flower painting by Georgia O’Keeffe, and Barbara Morgan captures modern dancer Martha Graham as she stretches her body into a dramatic form; these images convey more than a mere likeness of the artists portrayed. Instead they highlight the collaboration between photographer and subject when both are artists seeking to convey a unique persona.

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