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$35 Adults
$30 VMFA members
$25 RVATA members
$20 Students

Quill Theatre Presents: Romeo and Juliet

Apr 6-22
Fri & Sat, 7:30 pm
Sun, 1:30 pm*

Leslie Cheek Theater

The most famous romance of all time, this fiery, impatient, swaggering play about two young “star-crossed” lovers will move and enchant young and old alike. The story: in Verona, Italy, torn by civil hatred and uncontrollable street brawling, the teenaged son and daughter of rival families meet by accident, and fall passionately in love. With the well-meaning but misguided assistance of Friar Lawrence and the Nurse, Romeo and Juliet marry in secret. Almost immediately, erupting violence and tragic deaths destroy the plan to reveal this marriage and unite their families. Romeo is exiled, and Juliet’s family, unaware she is already married, plan her wedding to another man. Desperate, the teens risk everything to rescue their doomed love….

In keeping with Quill Theatre tradition, we will fully realize all the beauty and poignancy of Shakespeare’s timeless text, while staging it with vigor, immediacy, passion and easy approachability for modern audiences.

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*Sunday performances are followed by a talk featuring the cast and director